Joy of Vegetarian Home-cooking

Quote by a great sage, Adi Shankara
“Purifying your food purifies your memory.
When your memory is purified, your consciousness is purified.
When the consciousness is purified,
all the blessings of life are showered on you.”

This is a totally new exploration for both mother and son team. My son, Kai is a chef-in-training and we love to cook at home as it is one way of expressing our creativity and passion!

We decided to share this joy with many like-minded vegetarians who are equally passionate about learning how they can make a simple healthy meal without any fuss. Through a series of Vegetarian cooking classes and talks, we really hope more people can become vegetarian and also taste the real joy and benefits of home-cooked food – food cooked in your own home.

Vegetarian Home-Cooking

a) Mommy’s Sattvic Cooking x 2 classes

Date : Apr 4th & 18th

Fees : SGD33
Type : Book Physical Class

b) Chef Kai’s Cooking Class

Date : Launch in May

Fees : More details in May