Home-school your intelligent child

Have you thought of home-schooling your child or children?

Are you aware of the gaps in the current education system?

Are you one of the conscious parents who are willing to take responsibility to home-school your child?  

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have considered allowing my son to be home-schooled honestly until I began to witnessed the kind of damage the public education system was doing to his pure innocent space and destroying his passion for learning during the last 10 years of studying in primary and secondary education. In addition, I have been a volunteering teacher in Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul (a Vedic learning system) which was revived by my Guru, HDH Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly also known as Swamiji). I am able to see the higher possibilities when we are able to provide the nurturing learning ambience for our next generation of children.

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Let’s complete with violence

This week I happened to come across a few disturbing violent video clips on Facebook. Two videos were about men’s atrocious cruelty done to a street dog. The third video was about a man in rage lifting a young frightened child and slamming him onto his bed like a trash a few times and slapping his face. I was not able to watch the entire videos as it was too heart-wrenching an experience. One cognition hit my inner space – there is simply too much violence on this planet earth! My eyes became teary upon seeing the kind of atrocities done by human beings.

Looking back in my own life, I was not spared from aggression and violence in my family. Those hangovers from my childhood made me develop patterns of fear, self-doubt, anger and aggression whenever my survival was threatened. For many years, I suffered from the incompletions and these patterns which almost ruined my life. It was only after I met my Guru, a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) that He taught me how to complete with the painful past and drop the root patterns of anger and aggression.

Here are some of the Cosmic gems revealed by Swamiji which have helped me to transform the pattern of violence.

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Handling violence in children

Have you noticed that kids are getting very violent these days?
Has your child been bullied in school?
How you do handle violence in your children?

I am seeing a worrying trend in children – that is – an increase in violent behaviors amongst children in school. When my son was in Primary school, he had been bullied a lot by his peers who couldn’t tolerate his bubbly joyful demeanor. He shared with me that his classmates would kick and punch him in different parts of the body. During that period, every night before sleep, I would spend time listening to his daily experience in school and helped him bring completion within him. I also taught him the right context of violence and self-defense as a form of protection. The same bullying continued after he entered into Secondary school, but the only difference was Kai is now capable of protecting himself and he responds from the space of completion. When I came back from India this January after a 3-month spiritual program, I was called to his school by the discipline master and his form teachers regarding an incident which involved my son being bullied in Mandarin class and he retaliated out of self-defense. In that meeting, it was very clear to me that his school has no clue how to handle violence in students effectively at its root and they can only request parental assistance and the so-called student counselling dictated by the Ministry of Education (MOE). In that session, I questioned the system and gave them solutions from spiritual understanding.

How do children develop such aggressive and violent tendency at a very young age?

See, by their nature children are not born violent, this pattern is a learned behavior – meaning they pick up from society in the process of growing up. In the first few years after birth, they live in a pure awareness space called Space of a Child where there is no mind only deep listening and awareness. However, many factors, layers of conditioning from society and incidents started to shape their cognitions about themselves, life and world which are the root cause of a violent pattern. These influences include

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