View Autism from Spiritual Perspective

I am really delighted that I shall be leading a 15-mins Brain Yoga session in a public community event called “Walk For Autism” next Saturday, 8th November from 7.30 am – 12.00pm at PathLight School. This event is organised by Youth Executive Committee from People Association Ang Mo Kio GRC (Group Representation Constituency) & Seng Kang SMC (Single Member Constituency). The aim of this event is to educate the public about autism and bring awareness about how we can support these children and their parents.

This year, I’ve started some work with children of special needs and from my experience, they have to be understood from the spiritual perspective so that we can really help them from the right context. Fundamentally, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, we can only be understood from the space of Wholeness.

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How I keep my child in the space of possibilities?

Smart young girl stood infront of a blackboard

Do you know that children are already born complete, total with pure innocence and intelligence?

Before the age of 7 y.o., children live in a pure space called “Space of a Child”. This is the original state of pure awareness, a space of solutions where there is no mental processing like planning, judging or thinking. They just download like an internet connection whenever they need the information. This is such a beautiful space to be in as it is a space of huge possibilities. All they need from parents is the right environment and guidance from a higher energy to start expressing their extraordinary dimensions that the society holds them back from.

As a mother, I am very conscious that I want to keep my son, Kai in his pure inner space of joy, innocence, creativity and great possibility. However, I am equally aware of the negative forces in the outer world which could unbalance him and take him away from this space.

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