How to keep Your Practice Fresh & Vital?


If you have already started a daily self practice, I would like to share with you some of the strategies given by Donna Farhi, a renowned yoga teacher  (, for keeping your practice fresh & vital.

1) General Practice Guidelines

Most of us have time for one practice period a day.  That may mean doing a wide variation of poses each day so that no area of your practice is neglected. A good way to divide a practice might be as follows:

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How to Start a Self Practice?

If you have been attending guided yoga classes for a while, at some point you may want to consider starting your own self practice at home.  Daily self practice provides a context in which we can gradually awaken to ourselves as we are. Our yoga practice helps to establish and sustain the awareness of inner tranquility that is always available to us even we are going through the hubbub of everyday life. Fundamentally, Yoga is a life practice which facilitates an on-going inquiry into how to be completely engaged in life.  Through practice, we begin to find there is a neutral “witness” that perceives these passing happenings in life yet this “witness” is untouched by all the external chaos.

An important aspect of the spiritual journey is to eventually be able to sit by yourself without the disturbance of our wavering mind. A self practice is the first step in spending time with your self in awareness and self discovery.  I find that it is during my own self practice that I experience and realise many things in life – such as my mental patterns, the thought current of my mind, many inspirations for new yoga practice or topics/workshop, the creative Self, the blissful Self, the expansive Cosmos, the devotion to Ishwara and the inter-connectedness of everything in life. To me, there is a huge entertainment source within me which keeps me in touch with reality and that is why many external worldly entertainment pale in comparison.

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