A new species in the making

Two weeks ago, I was away in India, Bengaluru adheenam (monastery) with my son to attend a 10-day meditation workshop called ‘Nithyanandam for NewGen’, a program designed for children and youth age 8-21 years old to awaken their higher possibilities and manifest powers (Shaktis). I was there as a parent volunteer together with a group of children and parents from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

In the first 3 days of the program, all the children were guided to complete with the past hangovers such as non-integrity with the words they gave to themselves and others, inauthenticity in stretching themselves to higher possibilities, the pain memories and irresponsibility using the Science of Completion (Poornatva). To manifest powers, kids must be in the space of completion with self, others and life. While facilitating the completion process with the children, I realized how the original pure inner space of children got tainted by the conditioning and judgments of unconscious parents and society. With incompletions, children became opinionated, powerless and arrogant that they experienced emotional breakdown and mood swings. It was literally churning the dust out of their inner space.

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