My Entanglement with Gerry

Bruce Lipton, who is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirituality, talked about quantum entanglement. Entanglement happens when 2 persons fall in tune with a same thought. Physicist Amit Goswami published an article in a physics journal showing that entanglement affects people. The premise of the finding was – when two people become entangled, one person will conform to the energy of the other person. When one of them is a healer whose cells are vibrating at a higher level, the client’s cells become entangled, and their energy is lifted.

Here’s my story of my entanglement with Gerry Hillier.

The year was 2004 when I first met Gerry at a Yoga Teachers Training in Byron Bay, Australia.  This was also the period when I was still searching to find myself, and I had just become a new mother. We were room-mates during the 14-day training. After spending almost 2 weeks with her, I was not only enchanted by her wonderful stories about her life and the children she worked with but also inspired by what she was doing i.e. teaching drama and creative expression to kids and youth in her home town in Queensland on top of being a yoga teacher, an author/a writer and an entrepreneur. She is one being that I was more fascinated with than the renowned teacher who was training us.

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