Reinvent Yourself with Rudhra

This January, I started picking up chanting of Sri Rudhram which is an ancient Vedic text and a powerful hymn in praise of Rudhra (the rejuvenation dimension of Sadashiva). Sadashiva represents the consciousness within everything – the pure essence within all, who is responsible for these 5 roles – creation (Satyojata), sustenance (Tatpurusha), rejuvenation (Aghora), delusion (Vamadeva) and liberation (Ishana). Sadashiva is referred to in the Hindu scriptures as Sat Chit Ananda: truth, consciousness and bliss. The truth from Vedic scripture states that– Sadashivoham (I am Sadashiva), we are all the embodiment of the pure consciousness. The more I soak myself into this Rudhra energy, the more I discover it is such a powerful energy within all of us that we need to awaken.

There are 2 aspects of Rudhra. First of all, it is the energy which is responsible for your ability to reinvent yourself. The second aspect of Rudhra is the ability to go on removing the inauthenticity gathering around you. I’ve seen many people who are so stuck in their cosy life that there are so much resistance to change due to fear and laziness. Some people have even fallen in the state of depression and living in self-destruction. Some people just do touch-ups or little maintenance, but they fail to realise that touch-ups will never solve the root of the issues.

The Rudhra dimension of life had helped me to make many fundamental shifts in my life. For example, in 2009, I took a bold jump out of the rat race and reinvented my career by aligning it with my purpose of birth. If I had not made this move, I wouldn’t be living life at my terms with so much fulfilment and freedom.

But the initial 3 years of my reinvention, I must say that it was not at all smooth-sailing. I was losing a lot of money and the priority of my business partner was not aligned. Things were not working out the way I planned it. I was not able to manifest the reality I wanted in my life. I started asking the fundamental questions without judgment, assumptions and conclusions. This pure questioning of fundamental questions led me to a better understanding the problems from the core such as my own inauthenticity and blind spots. When we are able to solve the problems from the core, all the solutions that come out of the core will be eternal. With clarity of the real issues, I was able to activate the energy of Rudra with responsibility in destroying what needed to be removed and made adjustments to rejuvenate in the business again. In one year, I was back in the black on the profit and loss statement.

I remembered My Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) once said that “It’s only when you start seeking the truth; your spiritual journey starts. Until then everything you do can be considered good entertainment. Only when you ask fundamental questions, will you build a powerful foundation for the divine expression.” This is absolute powerful truth that every human being should catch! My quest for the truth led me to reinvent myself.

Now, I am in another transitionary phase after 4 years of running the business. The same Rudhra energy in me is guiding me to stretch myself to next phase of expansion with authenticity. Last year, I expanded my presence into 2 more social media – Instagram and my own YouTube channel from the inspiration by Swamiji.  After I returned from India in January, I created another new possibility in my business – coaching budding spiritual entrepreneurs to be their own boss using the spiritual teaching I learned from Swamiji, the way it had enriched me and my life. I also took up more responsibilities in Swamiji’s sangha (spiritual community) to revive the Vedic education system – Gurukul. I know that it is only by Guru’s grace, the Rudhra energy in me is awakened for expansion because expansion is life. Contraction is death!

In essence, your ability to reinvent yourself is Rudhra. The moment you awaken this energy, life becomes a constant expansion and fulfilment, and more expansion and more fulfilment. Namaste 😀