Intuition is GPS of Your Soul

Do you know that the world’s most untapped natural resource is intuition?

Everyone has intuition; it is available in every being but unused in almost every being. The irony is – it is available very easily, but we seem to have lost this ability to tap into this natural resource because we have become too complex. Intuition is just like the smell of perfume, it disappears if we carry unconscious fear and greed. Our complex mind thrives on fear and greed. With fear or greed, they make our life juicy and give us something to do or worry about!

It is the wrong idea we carry about intuition which stops us from experiencing intuition. Normally we do not trust ourselves because since young we are taught by society not to believe in ourselves. Some people also think that having intuition is a kind of curse or suffering because it awakens one’s fear. This is true if one does not have the energy and intelligence to digest and handle the intuitive power.

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