See Death as a Blessing

Two days ago, I received a shocking news that one of the devotees of my master had passed on from a sudden heart attack, a lady I remembered fondly for the last 5 years in my spiritual life. She and her husband attended a few Inner Awakening programs with me and she was such a sincere devotee with a bubbly personality and a thunderous laughter. I remembered she attended one of my Laughter Meditation workshops and her laughter created a wave of energetic resonance in the room!

At the wake last night, her husband shared with me that he was not able to accept this sudden death because she had been a life companion, a business partner, a caring mother of  his teenage son and his very source of emotional support. In fact, they were almost inseparable, such was their relationship. Naturally, he was taken aback by the loss, from the emotional pain of loss came the anger towards life for doing this to him. The process of grief will take some time before he is able to settle into the stark reality.

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