Let’s complete with violence

This week I happened to come across a few disturbing violent video clips on Facebook. Two videos were about men’s atrocious cruelty done to a street dog. The third video was about a man in rage lifting a young frightened child and slamming him onto his bed like a trash a few times and slapping his face. I was not able to watch the entire videos as it was too heart-wrenching an experience. One cognition hit my inner space – there is simply too much violence on this planet earth! My eyes became teary upon seeing the kind of atrocities done by human beings.

Looking back in my own life, I was not spared from aggression and violence in my family. Those hangovers from my childhood made me develop patterns of fear, self-doubt, anger and aggression whenever my survival was threatened. For many years, I suffered from the incompletions and these patterns which almost ruined my life. It was only after I met my Guru, a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) that He taught me how to complete with the painful past and drop the root patterns of anger and aggression.

Here are some of the Cosmic gems revealed by Swamiji which have helped me to transform the pattern of violence.

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Liberate yourself from negative emotions


Do you know how to go beyond negative emotions such as anger, depression, greed or fear?

I’ve learned a very powerful technique from a living enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda which enables me to liberate myself from negative emotions. He said that “There is a truth from Vedanta i.e. whenever some emotions happen within your system, it is like a shower of rain that happens in your being. There are particular cells that catch these emotions. For example, the first time anger is showered on us, if we are affected for 10 mins, then the next time it will become 20 mins. By the third time, it will be 30 mins. This is how the emotion becomes stronger and stronger when we cooperate with these negative emotions in our being and we create the same type of mood in us again and again. Not only will the emotion get recorded in us, we will express the same thing on others like our kids and people whom we work with.

Why is this so?

Since the basic quality of life is reproduction and expansion, this is the survival instinct governed by the 2nd chakra (swadhisthana) – the fear energy center within our body. Reproduction is governed by the 1st chakra (mooladhara) – the sex energy center in our body. Both these energy centers are closely connected.

By the law of nature, the cells that catch the anger emotion will start reproducing and each cell creates another 5-6 more cells. Next time, when the anger shower happens in you, all these new cells will catch the same emotion and becomes the size of the original cells. Now, they will also start reproducing. By the 3rd time when the anger shower happens again, all these cells catch the emotion and start storing it. This is why every time when we are showered with the same emotion, it becomes stronger and we lose control of that emotion.

When a particular negative emotion rises in you, just don’t cooperate with it. Let your body not go behind that emotion whether it is anger, irritation or depression or lust or fear or anything. Within 3 or 4 times, you will be liberated from that emotion. You will have the key now in your hand – how not to be taken away but that emotion? How to be centered in your Self? Whether it is anger or fear or greed, it gets more power only if your body also cooperates with it. With whatever emotion your body moves, that emotion gets recorded inside your system. And that emotion will become much more intense.

People think that life runs on fear and greed. Mahavira, a great enlightened Jain master from India says that “When you come to planet earth, you bring enough energy to fulfil all your desires. You already have enough fuel. You always think – if I stop fuelling myself with fear and greed, I may stop working.”

The truth is we have enough potential energy to maintain ourselves and achieve what we want in life without fear and greed. We just need to trust that we don’t need fear or greed to run our life. There is already a reserve of fuel within us, we just need to learn how to tap into this endless energy source through spiritual knowledge and practices. Namaste 😀

Go Beyond Your Fears

10 Steps for Overcoming the Fear of Making a Change

I am currently working with a client who has been suffering from fear psychosis since young. To help her understand her situation, I shared with her certain basic understanding about fear which resonated with her. As fear is a base emotion that everyone experiences, I know that by sharing this knowledge here, many people would be helped by it.

The first truth is – fear is a form of energy inside us, hence it cannot be destroyed. Energy can only be transformed from one form to another. Fear is our nature, if we don’t direct it towards any object, it is pure fear which helps us in survival and being spontaneous. Whenever pure fear happens, we feel rejuvenated with a tremendous relaxation which expresses as courage and energy in us. Hence our fear is directly connected to our life energy.

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