Get out of Apasmara – Forgetfulness

If you were to distil all the suffering of humanity to one key reason, do you know what would it be?

I’ve discovered that it is the problem of forgetfulness (Apasmara in Sanskrit). When I first heard this word in 2012 from my Guru who is a living Avatar, his name is called Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), I didn’t quite grasp its meaning fully. It was only when I started to cognize it myself in my life and recently after having worked with many seekers that I began to understand the illusion (Maya) of forgetfulness. Be it sickness to health, depression to enlightenment, poverty to wealth, business failures to success, leaving spiritual seeking or going through the ups and downs of life, the root cause of these struggles in us is forgetfulness of our original state, space and powers as the Super consciousness, Paramashiva.

In Vedic tradition, Smaranath means liberation. Right remembrance liberates, Smaranath Mukthi. The remembrance of the right powerful cognitions is all that we need to bring liberation. One such powerful cognition that I learned from Swamiji is life is a continuous rhythm.

Here’s a small story!
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