Life means not giving up on yourself and on people

Since last week, the thought current that keeps reverberating within me is “Not giving up on people”. These are words given by my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) in 2013 his New Year’s message to the world which seemed to come alive this whole week for me when the happenings in my life started to unfold.

Enriching people to awaken to their original state of completion has become my very breath, the spiritual work I do on a daily basis. One of the important qualities in enriching work is never give up on myself and people. Swamiji gave me this precious key which helped me to feel a sense of responsibility without feeling powerless is “Never give up on people”. You see, our experience of life is happening to us with others from outside, it is the people that makes life a happening. People are life, people around us are the life happening to us. If we give up on them, soon we will give up on ourselves, we will lose self-confidence; then we also start giving up in life itself. Giving up on people is considered a partial suicide, on the other hand, victory happens by our ability not to give up on our self and on people. The feeling of empowerment comes only with this one master’s key – not giving up on people.

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