Something to Contemplate on


It’s Friday, here are something for you to contemplate on this weekend. Enjoy. 😀 Discover Peace Your being, your consciousness is by itself pure. It has just been covered by your social conditioning. Contemplate – You are continuously on the move in your life. Spare a few minutes of silence every morning when you wake up and discover a new sense of peace. Flow like a River We are born like a flowing river. But through the years, we become frozen, we stop flowing and become like a block of ice. The process of melting this block of ice back into a river is meditation.

Contemplate – Why do you continue to remain hard? Why is your body-mind so cold? Why is it like a block of ice? Sit down in a relaxed posture and feel yourself melting. Feel all of your conditioning and your ego melting away. See that all the stress, all the pressure which you face in your daily life melting away. Just visualize the whole thing melting and yourself melting away. Finally, when this feeling rises to its peak, the ice has melted, you have once again become a flowing river.

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Re-program Your Muscle Memory Through Yoga

Are you aware there is such a thing called muscle memory?

The truth is our body stores memories in different parts of the organs and muscles. Muscle memory is responsible for the spontaneous way in which we react to every situation before even we are actually aware of it. They come from the past memories of this body, meaning the memories of this birth. After many unconscious repeated actions, it is stored in our muscles and we respond to life out of these unconscious past memories. By and by, these incompletions become patterns in us over time and they start creating more and more trouble and suffering in our life.

I’ve started a new yoga Module called ‘Yoga for Women’ last week and one of the things that we are exploring is the re-programming of engraved memories of a female physiology. The common engraved memories that all human beings tend to suffer is that of laziness pattern. Breaking the muscle memory of laziness is the first step in spiritual awakening. If laziness pattern gets settled into the body’s muscle memory, for a female, it will lead to indulgence in past suffering and engrams. However, for a male body, it leads to indulgence of sense pleasures and new engrams.

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A Time Out is Nurturing for You

Time Out for Nurturing

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In October 2011, I flew to Brisbane city, Australia, to be in a town called Maleny for an annual yoga retreat organized by Gerry Hillier, my business partner of The Owl Company which both of us co-founded two years ago.  At the same time, I was also there to conduct a couple of workshops at her yoga center in a small town called Gympie.

Unplugging myself from my regular life and visiting a new environment at least once a year has become a healthy and nurturing treat I give myself since 2004 – the year after my son was born.

Taking a time out from my life gives me a great opportunity to :

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