Be Complete with Your Relationships

Last year, one of my male students shared with me that his friend’s wife after getting into the path of yoga, left her husband and 2 kids to live with a spiritual community. The reason was she felt that the family life was holding her back on her path of evolution. His friend was terribly devastated about his wife’s extreme decision which created a negative perception of yoga and spirituality in general.

I explained to him that this was not my understanding about the path of seeking, the right knowledge is about having completion in one’s relationships and responsibilities, then he or she is free to renounce the householder life. Running away only creates more incompletion and guilt inside one’s inner space which impedes the spiritual expansion. Completion means you feeling empowered and fulfilled without any hangover in the inner space.  Fundamentally, life is about completion and the power of fulfilment. Even Buddha and Mahaveera had to do their completion before their mission. This is where many people misunderstood the actions of Buddha or Mahaveera’s renunciation as a technique for enlightenment.

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