Create a sacred playground for your child

This year, I have begun yet another new expansion called Parents-Kids-Home Yoga. The genesis of this project came about when I decided to commission a very talented friend of mine from Hong Kong to draw a set of Beginners series of 10 yoga postures (yogasanas) for children last year. One thing led to another, this small project turned out to be a global platform for bringing Yoga to parents and children at the comfort of the home.

Through this platform, I hope to empower parents to start spending quality time with their children using Yoga as a platform for them to explore, to connect and also to bond at a deeper level. That is the main purpose of this project – Parents Kids Home Yoga. Basically the moment the parents are able to inspire their children into practicing yoga which is an independent intelligence, not only it awakens the muscle memory and bio memory in terms of awakening the body intelligence, it also works on many different systems of the body – physiology, psychology and neurology. So yoga is not just confined to the physical level of workout, it is a complete system by itself. When parents start working with children at this fundamental level, they will experience a new space – the space of yoga, that space is only accessible when they are able to bring the child into the space of purity and awareness.

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