Scale to know if you are in love

How do you know you are in love?

This is the scale to know if one is in love or not – something I learned from my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). Swamiji revealed that a man has only two ways of centering their thinking: 1) money-centric or 2) fulfillment-centric.

Be very clear, even if you have one question about future security, you are not in love, you have not experienced love. The moment love happens, the fulfillment center is awakened and it does not let you think about money or about the future security. In a relationship when you are truly in love, you will find that money suddenly loses its power over you. Your thought currents will not be centered on money, instead you will be centered on the other person, money will not matter to your life anymore. If you feel this way, only then you are in love.

Before I started seeking for fulfilment, I realized that most of my thought currents were centered on the insecurity of not having enough money and that I needed to keep running my life like a rat to sustain my lifestyle. It was only after I had my inner awakening by Swamiji and my completion with the poverty consciousness and insecurity with wealth that I began to experience a shift from money-centric cognition to fulfillment-centric cognition.

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