Cancer: A Death Sentence Or A Wake-Up Call?

Cancer: A Death Sentence Or A Wake-Up Call?



Where you are today is because of your past decisions, where you will be in future depends on the decisions you make in the present moment Do you make life choices out of powerfulness or powerlessness?

Introducing the eBook – Cancer: A death sentence or a wake-up call? You decide’ – which is about a personal account of a survivor of stage 3 cervix cancer on how she walked out of the deadly cancer triumphantly with the help of the divine intervention. Through the healing process, she shared many life lessons she learned from this life-changing experience which fundamentally inspired her to live her life consciously.

This eBook makes a perfect personalised gift to family, friends or colleagues as a thoughtful and conscious gift for any occasion. Whether this purchase is going to be your personal copy or a gift to someone, all of you will be consciously raised by reading the insights and the truths revealed by her personal experience.

The sale of this eBook goes to support Hong Kong Tuen Mun Paduka Mandir, a home Vedic temple in its enriching activities for the communities in Hong Kong & China. No electronic sharing or forwarding of the eBook should be allowed.


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