I’ve been working with children since 2010, I must say that these four and half years of working with children have been the most transformational personally in my spiritual expansion.

Children are our true teachers in life for they taught me so many things that I wouldn’t have realised about myself and life. It is our arrogance that we fail to recognise the divinity in children. Working with children is a quick path to expansion because it simply exposes all the patterns we are stuck with in life. We discover their space they are living is such pure space filled with huge possibilities. Unless you are able to accept that they know more than you, your ego won’t allow you to relate with them from the right space.

The first thing children made me learn is that anger pattern and violence which came from my past conditioning have no place in their world. I had to complete and drop these patterns of incompletions. Next, I cognised the space of a child that they are living is such a beautiful space to be. I learned how to get into their space instead of yanking them to our adult’s space which is filled with fear and greed. Children are such authentic beings (besides enlightened beings), they constantly remind me to get back to authenticity and stretch myself to my peak capacity and remain true to my conscious identity. Many times children will always test you with their playfulness and mischiefs, I learned how not to fall into powerlessness but continue to hold the space of possibilities and authenticity with tremendous patience.

The next thing I learned from children is that they are always in the space of solutions, they are ever ready to offer solutions to problems we adults face. They are such beautiful beings to live with when we are able to develop a deep communion with them.

With children, it is the space you hold in that matters. For me, it was only after my completion from my past hangovers and living the Science of Advaita (non duality) as taught by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda and the knowledge of Space of a Child from Ma Rishi Advait that I began to relate with children from their space.

Today, I would like to share with all parents, educators, mentors, care-takers and anyone who works with children, some of the precious gems I collected from working with the divine children in my life so that we can help them flower into dynamic and creative leaders of New Generation.

Here are the ten things we can give to children:

  • Give them the unconditional love the way you would devote to God because they are literally God coming down in human form.
  • Give them your authentic listening and eye contact without judgment from your past conditioning.
  • Infuse confidence and security to them because these qualities will give them the courage to explore life.
  • Teach them the Science of completion so that they learn the technique to constantly get back to the pure space of completion and possibilities.
  • Hold a space of huge possibilities for them to explore so that they can become who they want to be.
  • Share with them only the facts about life minus your own fear and greed so that they can become an independent thinker forming their own cognitions about life.
  • Give them constant inspirations from the lives of enlightened beings and their teachings.
  • Give them experiences that guide them to self-discovery of their true passion and creativity because only true passion can fulfil them.
  • Give them the right to challenge your guidelines and values respectfully so that you are reminded of authenticity and you respond from the space of completion.
  • Guide them to the Source – a living master who knows the Self (Atman).

I hereby give my heartfelt gratitude to all the children including my son who are the teachers who happen in my life to raise me. Namaste. 😀


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