2018 Schedule of Yoga Classes, Workshops and Programmes

Yoga Modules

1) Jul-Aug Yoga Module: Moving from the space of Yoga

5 koshasVenue: Zen Studio @Balanced Living Date/ Time: Tuesday July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, August 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 7.30- 9.00 pm.

Are you aware there is such a powerful thing called inner space? Do you know your inner space creates your life and your reality?

Your body, your outer space is a pure reflection of your inner space. The space constitutes a person – the inner space you carry decides who you are! The space you carry – its smell, its flavor comes out of you like energy.

When your inner space is filled with unconscious thoughts and patterns, you will not even know why you act the way you act. It will be an automatic response to life from the limited cognition of the deep thought patterns rooted in your mind. This is the cause of all sufferings in our life, what takes us away from the space of Yoga. It is your inner space which creates your life, your reality.

In this 8-part module, you will learn how to purify your inner space and manifest a new reality of possibilities.

2) May-Jun Yoga Module: Experience Your Five Koshas

5 koshasVenue: Zen Studio @Balanced Living Date/ Time: Tuesday May 8th, 15th & 22nd, Jun 5th, 12th, 19th, 7.30- 9.00 pm.

What are the 5 coverings of your existence?

Do you want to experience and glimpse of your soul (Atman)?

The purpose of man’s life is to realize the Self or Atman and merge with Existence. Enlightened masters have realized this and have devised techniques for others to realize it as well. What is standing in the way of man in realizing this are the 5 body sheaths called the koshas. Man’s awareness needs to be pulled through these sheaths in order to reach the Self. In this yoga module, you will be prepared to go into each sheath using the technique of unclutching. Man’s awareness needs to be pulled through these sheaths in order to reach the Self. We need to work p something which is between us and the Self – your body, mind and emotions. These 5 energy coverings need to flower, open and fall in tune.

In this yoga module, you will be prepared to go into each sheath through

      • Intense Yoga
      • Understanding of 5 koshas
      • Different meditation techniques to cleanse each kosha
      • Science of unclutching from the mind

3) Remedial Yoga for Spinal Care

Spinal CurvesVenue: Zen Room @ Balanced Living, 779 Bukit Timah Road, Date/ Time: Tuesday 7.30- 9.00 pm.  Jan 16, 23 & 30

Do you suffer from common body pains like backache or stiff neck after a long period of sitting in the office? Are you aware of proper posture alignment? Do you suffer from spinal degeneration like slipped disc?

There is a common saying: “You are as old as your spine”. A healthy spine is one that is supple and flexible. Unfortunately, the modern day sedentary lifestyle has resulted in many spinal problems and a poor quality of life. These problems can be avoided if human beings are given the knowledge and experience of a healthy spinal care.

In these 3 remedial classes for spinal problems, you will learn about :-

        • The human spinal structure and its curvatures
        • What makes a spine healthy, flexible and supple
        • Techniques for right support in maintaining the spinal integrity in daily movements
        • Yoga postures to alleviate the common body aches.
        • alignment of spine to Cosmic geometry by activating the 5 elements of Universe: earth, water, fire, air and ether

4) Conscious Prenatal Care Yoga

Conscious birth  Venue: At client’s home, Date/Time: Upon request

Do you know that as a mother, 20% of your baby’s intelligence lies in your hands?

You can qualitatively prepare and nurture the body of your baby because you are the controller of the genetic expression in your baby. However, many modern women have lost touch with this knowledge of the sacred experience of being a mother. In a state of unawareness, she could be engraving the negative bio-memories into her and her baby during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a stressful period, in particular for a working woman, who goes through both physical and emotional changes. The essence of the Prenatal Care module is to bring back the sacredness of motherhood and to help the mother to be in a state of awareness as well as to create a conducive environment for landing of an intelligent soul.

The content of this module consists of:-

      • Feminine Consciousness—the completion of both dimensions
      • Preparing the body-mind for conscious birthing through yoga, breathing and meditation for the landing of an intelligent soul
      • Yoga practice by trimesters
      • Breathing and relaxation techniques.

5) Yoga for Kids – Foundation Module

Yoga practiceVenue: Zen Studio @ Balanced Living, Date/ Time: TBC. Fee: S$200 per child for 10 lessons.

As parents, one great gift you can give your child is the understanding and experience of integrity with their body. Yoga for kids foundation module was designed with this intention. A 10-week module which teaches children the importance of developing integrity with their body and taking responsibility for it. Core experiences: Integrity with body, Integrity with breath, Connection with Surya, Sun, Moving with Intention, Integrity with Your Spine, Power of Visualization. Class starts once there is a minimum of 10 kids.

Other Yoga Modules available upon request are:

        • Yoga Foundation Module
        • Creating Health Consciousness
        • Transcendence through Meditation
        • Unclutch into Science of Bliss
        • Tools for blissful living
        • Science of Listening & Integrity
        • Discover Self through Yoga
        • Yoga For Women
        • Build Your Spiritual Muscles
        • Power of Sound
        • Bring oneness with your body
        • Vidya – Knowledge to liberated thinking
        • Purification of 7 chakras
        • Science of Breath
        • Power Cognitions about Body
        • Transcend Tiredness and Boredom


1) Online Talk: Vedic Healing for Cancer

IMG-20180228-WA0013Via Zoom video conferencing, Date/Time: Thursday May 19th, 8.00-9.00 pm Fee: FREE

Do you know that you can heal yourself from cancer?
What is Vedic healing?

In Vedic tradition, there is no disease that is incurable. It means all diseases or disorders are illusions (maya) which can be healed if you know how you created the disease in the first place. You can simply undo the knot if you know how you entangle yourself.

Ma Nithya Durgananda is a cancer survivor who recently wrote an eBook ( http://tiny.cc/ebookbyMaDurga ) to share her personal account of how she survived stage 3 Cervix Cancer. Through the healing process, she shared many life lessons she learned from this life-changing experience which fundamentally inspired her to live her life consciously.

In this one-hour online FREE talk, she will give you an understanding of :-
1) self-healing through Vedic healing system,
2) the cause of diseases like cancer,
3) the different elements in Vedic healing system.

Note: This is a FREE talk.

To register, send your name, email and mobile contact to info@yourpresenceheals.com and a ZOOM link will be sent.

2) Healing: Experience Your Divinity

Divine Feminine1Venue: Zen Studio @ Balanced Living Date/ Time: Thursday, Jul 6 @ 7.30 – 9.30 pm Fee: SGD80 per person.

Are you aware that there is an energy which is responsible for everything you see and experience?

In each one of us, there is an energy which constantly gives birth. This energy is called the Divine Feminine Consciousness – it is the source of life. In every male or female, both the masculine and feminine energies exist. It has nothing to do with your gender but something to do with your inner quality.

In the Vedic tradition, the ancient rishis and sages describe the whole Cosmos as Devi Loka – the abode of Cosmic Mother. Feminine Consciousness is the space where the source of creation happens. Awakening this energy means awakening your divinity, your higher possibilities. Once awakened, one expresses extraordinary creativity, masculine courage, power and liberation.

In this 2-hr workshop, you will

      • Learn the healing power of divine feminine consciousness
      • Connect with your divinity through creative expressions like movements, dance, art and yogic techniques
      • Learn how to exist as you are
      • Awaken both dimensions of the Cosmic Mother and the Beloved.

3) Healing: Yoga Nidra- Art of Conscious Relaxation and Transformation (Level 1)

yoga-nidraVenue: SPACE@B @ 2B Stanley Street, Date/Time: 20th August 2018, 7.30 – 9.30 pm Fee: SGD100

Do you know how to relax consciously from the muscular tensions, emotional tensions and mental tensions? Do you know the secret of inner transformation?

Yoga Nidra is a form of psychic sleep which is derived from Tantra Shastras. It is a powerful yogic technique in which you learn to relax consciously from all inner tensions while you remain aware through out the practice. Only with a release of tension, deep relaxation and peace of mind that man can realize his true nature. Yoga Nidra is a science of self-transformation which allows you to dive deep into the depths of your mind. Benefits of Yoga Nidra include:

        • Release of 3-fold tensions;
        • Inducing psychic and physiological rest and rejuvenation;
        • Removal of unwanted tendencies or patterns;
        • Healing certain diseases;
        • Awakening of intuitions and extra-sensorial perception;
        • Directing the mind to accomplish anything you want including learn new language or experience of Self- Realization.

4) Therapy: Sleep Your Way To Health (Level 1)

SleepVenue:  SPACE2B @ 2B Stanley Street Date/Time:  25th August 2018, 10 am – 12 pm Fee: SGD100  

Do you know that falling asleep is an action as per Vedic tradition? So to fall asleep, your buddhi (an intelligence that is attracted to reality) need to be powerful! It’s only the Vedic tradition which has a permanent solution to modern day’s sleep disorders. We all know that the quality of deep sleep is essential for the optimal well-being of individuals as one experiences greater energy and vitality, better concentration and higher creativity, active family and social life. Everyone needs a good quality of sleep so that our body is able to do the necessary repair work of healing and rejuvenation. If this natural process gets disturbed, we deprive ourselves from this natural self-renewal capability within. This updated 2-part holistic sleep therapy module combines the ancient knowledge of Yogic psychology and physiology. You will understand the causes of sleep disturbances from the consciousness perspective:

      • Awaken Your buddhi to flow with life
      • Work on healing of energy bodies such as physical, pranic, mental and etheric bodies
      • Learn different Yogic techniques and kriya to improve the quality of deep sleep

5) Meditation: Science of Zen Laughter

Senior Woman LaughingVenue: TBC in Hong Kong Date/Time: Thursday, 26 July, 7 – 9 pm, Fee: HKD500 per person

Do you know that laughter is known to heal a number of diseases related to the nervous system and throat area?

When we are caught in too much thinking continuously, our energy is sucked by our mind and we stop living in
reality! This is the problem with society where too much emphasis is focused on expectations and end results.

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn about the science of laughter which is a Zen Buddhism tradition and the benefits of laughter meditation. You will experience the healing power of laughter as a catharsis and an instant relaxation at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. If you want to taste the juice of life, you need to go beyond your logic!

6) Online Coaching: Be Your Own Boss

BYOBVia Zoom Online, Date/Time: Wednesday, Sept 6th, 13th & 26th, 8.00 pm – 9.30 pm.  Fee: USD100 per person.

Do you aspire to do what you love?

Free all your energy into doing what you love. Your life will flow towards it. You’ll be celebrating what you are doing, and what you do will be celebrating you. That is completion!
Here is a testimonial from last batch participant:

“From BYOB coaching I learned 3 lessons:- 1) Have courage to walk away from things that aren’t working, 2) Shift your cognition when facing the Unknown and finally, 3) Dare to think BIG in terms of your gift to the world”~ Anita N.

The 6th batch of Be Your Own Boss coaching starts in August, the registration is open now.
Send the payment to:

Other Ways of Learning Pte Ltd
Bank Account Number: 012-901012-0
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore
Bank Address: 6 Shenton Way, DBS Building Singapore 068809
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

A Zoom video conferencing Identity Number will be provided upon receipt of payment. Please send request to info@yourpresenceheals.com

7) Healing: Know Your True Desires

ThirdEye3-300x206Venue: SPACE2B, 2B Stanley Streeet Singapore 068721 Date/Time: Saturday July 21st, 10 am – 12 pm. Fee: SGD80 per person.

Do you know your purpose of birth?

Are you aware that your life purpose cannot be changed?

In Yogic physiology and psychology, we see a human body as layers of consciousness. There are 7 energy bodies in a human body, namely: Physical, Pranic, Mental, Etheric, Causal, Cosmic & Nirvanic. The pranic layer is filled with all our desires. Desires are nothing but energy. Desires are energy for our body, it is the fuel without which we will not even get up from our bed. To move out of the bed, you need energy – that energy is desire. Desires itself is not a problem, the whole problem is we start having self-contradicting desires.

In this 2-hr online workshop, you will have:- an understanding of the difference between true desires vs. borrowed desires, purpose of birth vs. purpose of happening clarity of your true desires that are already in your bio-memory and align your body-mind, time and energy to things which bring fulfillment in your life.​​

Programs as volunteer teacher

1) Children: Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul (NWG)

Look again!Venue: Yogam Center, 411 Race Course Raod (7 mins walk from Farrer Park MRT station) Date/ Time: Every Sunday, 2.00 -5.30 pm. Fee: By donation

Gurukul means ʺGuru’s homeʺ. The Indian education system is not just giving your child some information and not being bothered about him/her.  It is one of the most subtle and most powerful awakening system whereby so much of involvement between Guru and students is required. Gurukul  is more of a transmission of the knowledge not transfer of knowledge.

Children get to learn

          • Build a yogic body through Science of yoga, pranayama, kriya and meditation
          • Develop devotional intelligence through temple-based science to awaken the feeling connection with Cosmic energy
          • Build a yoga mind using Vedic truths and Life Solutions

Suitable for children age 4-16 y.o.

For yoga classes and workshops which are organised through corporate companies, institutions or by Your Presence Heals, if the attendance fails to meet the minimum numbers, the workshop may be postponed to later dates.

Send email to info@yourpresenceheals.com for enquiries. Your Presence Heals reserves all the right to amend the programme content and cancel the programme if needed.