“Siew Yong is a world class Yoga teacher. In Europe, where I come from, we find many yoga teachers who focus principally on the physical aspect of yoga  – the Asanas, pranayama, and possibly a hint of meditation. Seldom do we find a teacher who embodies the true spirit of yoga, living and breathing all of its eight branches. Siew Yong is such a teacher.

Siew Yong displays a brilliant understanding of the traditional approach to yoga and with great joy and enthusiasm makes it easily understandable and accessible. Working closely with each student, she is able to teach methods and styles that accord exactly with your needs and capabilities.

In both private and group classes I was pleasantly surprised how quickly she came to know my anatomy – far better than I knew it! With great care and skill she taught me the methods I needed to loosen and stretch my body, to awaken forgotten muscle and sinew, and to invigorate and strengthen it. Within the asana training, she explained in detail the traditional approach of yoga, working on ones being a whole and not being overly concerned with one asana over another; or asana as sequence. Physiologically she explained how the body reacts to yoga and how to avoid pitfalls in the asana practice – by avoiding similar sequencing, etc. – thereby allowing for quick and stable progress to be made.

The uniqueness of her approach didn’t teach me how to do yoga, but rather how my body does it. And how the body should be listened to and appreciated within yoga as a whole.”

~ By Sean Price aka Gelong Tenzin Jamchen (England)

“I was referred to learn yoga from Siew Yong by a friend who thought that Siew Yong would be an apt person to sort me out.

I was going through a listless stage in my life where nothing seemed to work or fall in place. I did not sleep well, had terrible mood swings and was chronically tired on most days.

The first day I met Siew Yong, she offered me a healing session before we started the yoga lesson. That night I slept like I have not done in weeks. In the weeks that followed, she continued to administer a short healing session on me before the yoga lesson proper. Slowly but surely, I felt my mood swings even out and I had more energy than I remember in a while.

Siew Yong is not only dedicated as a yoga teacher. She takes care to explain each breath and muscle intrinsic to a movement. She also goes beyond her call of duty to ensure that each of her students progress holistically as a person to a higher calling.

I will not hesitate to recommend her as a teacher and friend.”

~ Claudia Heck-Chioy (Singapore)

“My yoga classes with Siew Yong, are like no other I have experienced. It is like my whole physical body is in meditation and one with the world as I flow from one posture to another. It is such a beautiful feeling as I ‘become’ the pose and she has brought my yoga practice up to a whole new level and dimension.  Siew Yong has been a gift to me, and I feel very blessed and honoured to be in her class.”

~ Eileen Jesudason (Singapore)

“I was very fortunate to have been introduced to Siew Yong and her family through my partner, Eileen.

Siew Yong’s classes are held with such quiet enthusiasm, energy and well-meaning that they are a pleasure to attend.

My occupation builds at times accumulated tiredness and stresses and I find a class with Siew Yong refreshes and renews my ‘life juices’, and whenever I am in Singapore I treasure the experience.  She also brings new depth and awareness to my practice.

Her dedication to her ‘journey’ is profound and sincere, and this consciousness is not lost on the pupils she attracts. She is a beautiful person and a wonderful practitioner of yoga instruction.”

~ Graham McDonald (Australia)

“I was suffering from very bad back pain when I joined Siew Yong’s class. At that time, I was contemplating surgery because of the severe pain. After attending her class, my pain reduced greatly and I became more aware of my body. With her small class size, Siew Yong is able to adapt her lesson to suit the individual. This has helped me greatly and I have managed to avoid any surgery since 2003.”

~ Ann Leong (Singapore)

“Siew Yong’s Yoga sessions mix balance with grace, without the pressure to hold a pose or to push your body beyond its limits. It is about becoming aware of your body and finding alignment in the movements. I’ve been clumsy most of my life, now I find myself dancing and the grace comes from within. Thanks Siew Yong!”

~ Usha Udas (Singapore)

“I got to know Siew Yong through a recommendation from a relative of mine who has been going to Siew Yong for yoga for a few years. This was sometime in October 2010.

Since joining Siew Yong’s yoga class, I have slowly and steadily improved both mentally and physically. Siew Yong has always monitored my improvement and keeps in touch with me on my progress. She is understanding in the needs of each student in her class and has always conducted her classes to suit the individual needs of her students.

Siew Yong has managed to instill interest in her students in the lessons she conducts in class. She is detailed and takes pain in explaining the benefits of the practice of yoga.

Besides being a yoga teacher, she is also a friend who has shown concern and care in the development of each individual. She is genuinely a true yoga teacher and I can vouch for her sincerity and capability in teaching yoga.

Wishing Siew Yong all the best in her zest in achieving the best in yoga.”

~ Pansy Chua (Singapore)

“Siew Yong is a patient and perceptive teacher, always sensing and listening to the class and each of us in every session.

While she has a planned approach to having advance our understanding and appreciation of yoga, she is always ready to adapt to the people, circumstances and thereby makes the journey a more pleasant and enriching one.

In her own way, her enthusiasm and deep knowledge of yoga comes across and she embraces you to go along with her journey. Your time and energy spent with her is well worth the effort and I thank her for her generous advice and guidance.”

~ Chew Kim Soon (Singapore)

“I am a Fibromyoglia patient (chronic pain & chronic fatigue) and one of the symptoms of this illness is insomnia and disruptive sleep.

I attended a Sleep Disorder workshop conducted by Siew Yong on 6 Feb. I woke up afresh the next morning though I only had 6 hours of sleep.  Most times, even 10 hours of sleep I could hardly get out of bed. Thanks so much Siew Yong!”

~ Daisy Chia (Singapore)

“Siew Yong’s inspiring words would challenge you to experience the benefits of following your intuition in your daily life. At first, it might sound like a challenge, almost impossible to reach. Soon it will become the only way you know how to live!  Enjoy! Thank you, Siew Yong!”

~ Marta Miguel (Portugal)

“I have always been wondering what is intuition. After attending to Siew Yong’s workshop “Awaken Your Intuition”, I realise intuition is actually right inside us. Her patience, guidance and encouragement have enlightened me to believe in my own guts, and to become a calmer, confidence and happier person. Thanks Siew Yong. ”    :)

~ Winnie Lan (Singapore)

 “Thank you for the wonderful time, I enjoyed the experience and benefited from those fruitful sessions. Now I am motivated to include yoga into my life. Thank you, Siew Yong. “

~ Kelly (Australia)

“I was fortunate to have taken “Conscious Prenatal Care Yoga” module with Siew Yong for the birth of my first child. We started our sessions long distance during my second trimester and continued face-to-face for the third trimester. It’s amazing how much I benefited   from Siew Yong’s calm wisdom, physical yoga guidance and meditation techniques. I learned to harness the creativity and trust the intuition that comes with my senses being open. Her teachings helped me relax and enjoy my pregnancy more, as I focused on creating a positive environment for the arrival of our little girl. I highly recommend Siew Yong’s prenatal course for any mother wanting to develop her body and spirit towards a wonderful and conscious birthing experience.”

~ Woon Peng (South Africa)

I recalled the first time I met Siew Yong when attending her yoga class – I felt this “warmth” feelings through her pair of big eyes and her voice. I was “magnetized” by her smile :)

I have been suffering from insomnia and depression since 2009 November. Not able to eat properly, lost 10kgs….not a happy woman, physically run down and emotionally “dead”. Being there was simply my girlfriend insisting me to “self heal” instead of taking sleeping pills or depression medication.

Financially drained.. I know my own “ability” to reach out to self heal is my only hope to move on with my life. SIEW YONG is a wonderful teacher with HUMAN HEART and a DEEP SOUL. Not only she listens, she guides me through by her “patience”, her kindness in caring as well as her daily text to me to remind me to practice yoga and to breathe…..

She even extended me a private session to cure my migraine and detach from my pain – and after each session, she would give me a healing by asking me to lie down  and she will generate cosmic energy to me to give me strength, painlessly & speechless to say- a big smile as always she will end the class.

Now, I am a totally new person. A happy woman who has life & ZEST! Physically I can feel I am stronger, no more sleepless nights or feeling depressed!

Besides classes I attended, she too makes sure I read her recommended books which are inspiring! I highly recommend SIEW YONG for her “devotion” and her passion in her work. She is a beautiful teacher I will never forget! I drew SIEW YONG, this is how I relate her in my drawing:

The energy from above will surround her…..from top to toe…. one eye -symbolizes her watching over me even when I am out of sight, through a text to remind me to “breathe” and “checking if I sleep well” or “any headache” or “feeling depressed”. She will guide me through by texting or she will call to make sure I am ok. The big headed illustrates her “CAPACITY” to love, care and her amazing teaching methods are simply “extraordinary” by far.

I sincerely hope SIEW YONG will reach out for more people like me… who needs a teacher like her! God bless you, SIEW YONG and your family ALWAYS!

~ Pamela Yee (Singapore)

“I have been attending yoga classes with Siew Yong for the past 3 months at Balanced Living. I had not done much yoga before and when I first came to the class I was a little intimidated by how flexible and advanced some of the other girls were.  Siew Yong quickly put me at ease and now, three months later, I have come such a long way and am much more limber than I ever thought possible. I have always done a lot of boot-camp style exercise classes which I also love but after seeing what a big difference the yoga has made I now realize how much my body needed to stretch out, open up and counteract all the high-impact work. I also now realize that “real” yoga is so much more than just exercise for the body. After Siew Yong’s classes I always come away deeply relaxed and having gained a higher understanding of how to live in the moment and with awareness. She is an amazing, caring teacher and I could not recommend her highly enough. “

~ Alisa St John (Australia)

“Siew Yong has been an instrumental source of inspiration, encouragement and strength. Through her teachings and facilitations, I was able to fully experience and learn the spiritual aspects and self-healing skills of yoga and meditation which I was seeking. The Unclutching technique, amongst many others such as Navel Radiation, is a truly powerful way to release all inhibitions and to center oneself. I walk out each class feeling rejuvenated, renergised and relaxed! It takes trust, practice, determination and patience to allow it to work to its fullest potential within you. For fastest and best results, try this when you are ready to look within yourself, with all honesty. =.) Nithyanandam, namaste. “

~  Adeline Tan (Singapore)

“I was introduced to Siew Yong in mid-August 2012 and I met up with Siew Yong in late August to ascertain personal consultation session(s). I have identified a need to work on my communication; to express and relate myself better to people. Siew Yong facilitated an awareness for me to communicate more from my heart (Compassion) rather than my brain (Logic). I had also brought my nieces (12 and 6 years old) to Siew Yong Yoga classes at Balanced Living and The Yoga Shala. We thoroughly enjoyed the uninhibited energy that was released during the workout to the quiet moments during meditation. Siew Yong’s passion in reaching out and make a difference to people in her own humble way is admirable.

Thank You Siew Yong and do continue the Care-Factor. :)”

~  Julia Lian (Singapore)

“What I thought I would get out of the sleep therapy class was – better sleep. Instead, what I received was a completely new way of thinking and being. Finding divinity and pure love inside me and awakening my higher intelligence. This is inside each of us but is masked by the years and years of drama and unhealthy mental patterns. Disturbed sleep was merely a by-product of my restless unconscious. I know this now and I would recommend this class by Siew Yong to ANYBODY who wants a path to a peaceful, fulfilling and fun life. Liberation is FUN, all I needed was just a taste to realise this was mine all along.”

~  Mellisa Chong (Singapore)

“I signed up because I wanted to make the most of my sleep and not wake up feeling like it’s never enough, still exhausted and drained as my mind was still so active whilst asleep.

The sessions made me understand and appreciate the Vedic way of life which I felt made complete sense. Life held many questions for me before and I was never satisfied with the answers provided till I came across this way of life. It made me feel more whole and was totally aligned to what I felt was important in life, gave me new meaning of my existence. The sessions also allowed me to dig deep within myself and made me more accepting of myself. When I felt more whole. I was able to take responsibility of my thoughts, my body and my being. I didn’t feel as wrong and wronged anymore. I could take more responsibility towards my purpose in life and love myself and everything better to move higher and higher.”

~  Jennifer Loo (Singapore)

“This ‘Sleep Your Way To Health’ workshop enriches my spiritual pursuit in that it provides a practical approach not only to make sleep as a means to health, but also as a means towards heightened awareness, spiritual awakening and eventual enlightenment.

The release of negative charges – borrowed desires, guilt, fear (manifests as pain) frees us from the noises and allow us to live the life we want to live as we assume our present life form. This is really a great workshop.  I am so blessed.”

~  Andy Liew (Singapore)

“Having been a chronic insomniac for many years, I was open to the idea of trying absolutely anything just to be able to get a bit of ‘shut eye’. Hence I turned up for a 5-session program entitled ‘Sleep you way to Health’ with  Siew Yong. Her approach intrigued me since she took an approach that focused on the “Mind-Body” connection. Most programs look at disease/illness purely from a physical symptom perspective. Siew Yong, however, focused on ensuring that the participants all looked deep into themselves in order to get a better understanding of the factors in our lives that were limiting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Each session combined some enjoyable Yoga flows together with  teaching us how to recognize and address any negative personal mental and emotional patterns in a holistic way based on Yogic principles. Homework was an integral part of the course and helped to ensure that we were actually working through the teachings from each lesson. I was touched by the fact that Siew Yong would always check on our progress via sms during the week and was always encouraging of any progress we made. I was actually really sad when the sessions ended  but definitely left with a greater self-awareness and commitment to take accountability of my own journey to health and internal peace.”

~  Jenny Castelino (Singapore)

“Going through Tinnitus for several months, following which I developed terrible sleeping patterns, I decided to attend the 5-sessions workshop ‘Sleep Your Way To Health’. Each class would start with some yoga practice to release the tension within the body. It would then be followed by some teaching aimed at bringing awareness on all the negative patterns (physical, mental and emotional) stuck in my unconscious – the real cause of sleep disorder.

The facts:
– Before the workshop I was using sleeping pills every night.
– After the training, I simply didn’t need those pills anymore. The workshop equipped me with several powerful Yoga breathing techniques, to trigger the sleep onset and improve the quality of sleep.
– I also learnt a lot about my spiritual self throughout the sessions. I can definitely say that I am now on the right path to health and internal peace.

Siew Yong is unique. Unique by her kindness and the attention she brings to her students. I was really touched by the fact that she went through the workshop although I was the only participant this time. She even adapted the class to incorporate an exercise focused on my need: Tinnitus.  Thanks for everything Siew Yong!”

~  Mathieu Beinish (Singapore)

“This one (article “Be Your Own Energy Source“) really speaks to me and I have forwarded it to my daughter. You have such wonderful insight and express it so simply and clearly, thank you! I have been using Louise Hay “You can heal yourself” which teaches the same thing: that we create our own futures with our thoughts, and what she does is try to teach you the positive thoughts that create a positive and loving future. You can then see why your article was so pertinent for me… it just added another layer/dimension.

Please do not ever think that your writings fall on deaf ears. I always read them and sadly do not always give you feedback. You and Gerry fill a very special place in my life path. You got me out of a hole that was consuming me and I wonder where I would be now without that help. I am a much happier and functioning person, still climbing mountains, but am so much better equipped to do so. I hope your life expands as is evident from your writing!”

~  Twigs (Australia)

“If you don’t know what it is like to be completely relaxed or still or how to get to that state, I would recommend that you attend Siew Yong’s Yoga Nidra workshop ‘Art of Conscious Relaxation and Transformation’. She was able, with yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and guided meditation to put me in such a relaxed state that I felt such fantastic calm and peace and bliss which I could only feel in a very good meditation session on my own which is rare. In one workshop, I even had visions of a past life. Once your experience that kind of bliss and stillness, you will realise how little of that you have in your life and that you truly need to do something to change the way you live your live!”

~ Lee Kim Kee (Singapore)

“Yoga Nidra helps me to really relax into my deep consciousness especially if you did yoga within that day before you attend yoga nidra class. The sequence that Siew Yong put me through really helped me to go deep into meditative state even before yoga nidra started. I remembered on my 3rd lesson, I felt so relaxed during the process of yoga nidra. That relaxation state was something I never felt before.

By the way, I am a very anxious person since young, I have great difficulty to relax till I always control my breathing. My last session was the best I ever had. I went into such a bliss state after her preparation sequence that I was smiling by myself when I breathe hard even till the next day! The whole process was fantastic that I just keep dwelling into deeper state unknowingly and I am so awake that such kind of awareness I never felt before. Then when she progressively led me out of yoga nidra, I realised how deep I went.

For example, I thought I was aware of my breathing all the while inside the process, when she said ‘Feel your body and your breath’, I started to become aware that the breathing I thought was external was actually internal breathing, and the best thing of all was I felt my heart chakra (energy center) actually fully opened by her last class. That is why I keep feeling bliss even the next day and after.”

~ Florence Toh (Singapore)

“It must be good fate when an old friend brought me to a meditative yoga session with Ma Nithya Durgananda. I just knew it that she could help me even before I knew she is also giving private sessions. I was clueless and exhausted with myself, driven by my relationship. I was deeply insecure, non-trusting, and struggling with jealousy and possessiveness. I thought I would give up the relationship and myself altogether. I had no mood to do anything and my mind was just full of worries and negative thoughts.

It only took me about 2 months and 6 private sessions with Ma Durga until I actually found my good old self back again. Yes, I found my identity, my inspiration and most importantly, my faith in God has been back since. I stopped tiring myself with the worries, and started to use my energy to keep myself happy instead – be my own inspiration and let the rest be taken care by the ultimate power, God. I learn from the sessions with Ma Durga that I am custom-made to serve a special purpose in this world, and I am unique for that. Recently I have been reading ‘Unstoppable’ by Nick Vujicic and he also confirmed that fact. He got out from his insecurity by realizing that his is unique and be here in life to serve a purpose. Ma Durga also guided me to see life as a ‘playground’, hence do not take life that seriously. It also confirmed the previous statement that each of us serves a special purpose in life, hence we have a special ‘role’ in this playground. We have to keep moving on.

Ma Durga always makes me feel home and welcomed with her home-cooked delicious meal and warmth from her family. She is such an inspiration, with her positive energy; I am so pleased to be just around her. Her support for me during those 2 months was not only during the sessions, she was and has been, very attentive to my daily progress in between, reminding me of my daily practice or just simply asking me how I feel every day. Even when I had those crisis moments, she was always there to listen, calm me down and put me back in place.

The sessions are customised to my problems and very much organised with initial proposals and preliminary discussions to ensure the program would help to solve my problems. Ma Durga also gave me some ‘homework’ so I could practice at home in between the sessions, which I also find very rewarding.

I feel blessed that I found Ma Durga and built a connection with her, which has brought me on track again, on my new life of the journey of expansion, from now onwards.”

~ Michelle Johanna (Singapore)

“It was like a natural energy emanating from the navel moving my libs. I felt like a plant, a starfish and also like an octopus. Amazing to be brought back to when I was a foetus in a womb. Body felt so light and movement became very fluid.  Once that was learnt, it is like experiencing yoga at the most intrinsic level.”

~ Jen Loo

“Thank you, Thankyou, Thankyou for the enlightening workshops over the 2 evenings and the 2 days in your healing presence. Thankyou for coming all this way to Australia – and for coming to our little town of Gympie! :)

Your words touched me deeply. I feel that I do have a choice. I feel that if I simply remember my wholeness and live in THIS moment – I don’t need to DO anything – just BE who I truly am. The “I Am presence” within me, is much more joy and peace & love & bliss & FUN that I have ever “thought” I was!!!! I am NOT the pain and suffering of my past! I can choose in every moment to be the aspect of the Divine, playing out my “script”. But I have realised that it is all simply a great Cosmic JOKE!!!!

I LOVED the laughter at the end of the 2 days of processing & learning – it released so much inside me. I could “see” all the things I “thought” were SO important – really were just NOT important at all. I felt like I really connected to the Divine in that moment – and was being the “observer” of my play – that I had written and starred in!!! And it was all just SO FUNNY!!!!!!! I am now teaching my 22 year old autistic son to laugh more too – life is just WAY too serious!

I now feel the freedom is within myself – freedom is not found outside of me. Its not in where I live or in how I live or who I live with! Its in ME.

Thankyou for the knowledge you gave to me. I know you say you are simply “sharing” – but your words were like seeds that have been implanted in me and continue to grow! Blessings and gratitude.”

~ Trudi Ellen (Australia)

“It is my privilege to be a student of Ma Nithya Durgananda. I attended her workshop “Sleep Your Way to Health” with an open mind and discovered so much about myself – memories that did not served me well.

Ma Nithya Durgananda guided me to uncover and complete with the past so I could move forward with clarity and positivity. I conquered my fear of sleeping in darkness, and learned practices that would help me sleep well at night. This is a huge shift for me as the quality of my sleep affects the quality of my day.

And, what touches my heart and soul most is the loving-kindness that Ma Nithya Durgananda exudes when she is present with us. You won’t feel alone in this journey as she is committed and will guide you every step of the way.”

~ Mitchell Quek (Singapore)

At that time when I attended Yoga Nidra 4-evening workshop led by Ma Durga in March 2015, I was in the worst crisis in my life and struggling to deal with my marriage break down. I was so desperate to stand on my feet as I wasn’t able to sleep and eat, simply my body had stopped functioning due to the trauma and the complete shock.

Yoga Nidra helped me understand how our mind get affected by this modern and hectic society in a negative way and how to keep our mind in peace. Ma Durga shared with me the true life value and taught me to stay true to myself.  During the Yoga Nidra process, I had learnt to let go of my negative thoughts and see them passed by so that they didn’t stay with me for long.

Thanks to Ma Durga, I have gained my sanity and strength back. And also I am able to love myself again. This was an eye-opening workshop which I benefitted enormously.

~ Miki Walters (Singapore)

Before experiencing Siew Yong’s meditative yoga sessions, I had always thought of yoga simply as a form of exercise to stretch my tired muscles out and balance my other strenuous fitness exercises. I came to the first session with little expectation and left the place with it blown to bits – not only were my muscles properly stretched, my soul also felt nourished and my restless mind calmed. I had that first class more than a year ago and my week now feels incomplete without it.

Through the personalised programme, she has also helped me identify and work through a number of shackling thought patterns which had led me to making wrong choices and as a result, creating issues and self-inflicted pain in my life. She has definitely played a key part in my journey of inner growth.

Siew Yong is more than just a yoga teacher, she is a life guide, a repository of calm energy, and an ever present healing presence all rolled into one. I am thankful to the universe for having placed her in my life.

~ Susan Helen (Singapore)

I met Siew Yong 6 months ago when I joined her Yoga Nidra workshop. I really enjoyed Siew Yong’s classes because she always combines the theory and practice, something that I don’t see in many yoga teachers today. In the workshop, I learned the power of our emotions and thoughts may manifest our reality. Through this workshop I started to consciously watch my thought and emotional energy before I go to bed. Siew Yong taught us the importance of observing thoughts without getting involved emotionally. This has helped me tremendously in letting go bad memories from my past. Since I learned that during sleep state, the capacity to learn and heal our body is at peak, I started to change my sleeping habit. Things began to shift in my ability to perceive my situation and I was able to find solution to my problem quickly.

Siew Yong also taught me about the science of completion. This help me a lot in understanding why 12 car accidents happened in my life. Finally I found the root cause that I have not completed the first traumatic car accident that happened in 2003. Since completing that event my repetitive struggles with car accidents, fear and guilt, losing my voice, thyroid symptoms such as cold attacks, depression, and weight gain problems had stopped. I was able to release the pain of being shocked and humiliated that was trapped. Now I am able to live my life freely without feeling of guilts and fear from the past.

I also know that I am responsible for everything that happen in my life. Therefore, when things are not working out the way I want it, I can look back and see which event is not completed yet and start completing that event or change my emotions and thoughts to attract the future I want.

There are many other breathing techniques taught by Siew Yong that are very useful. My favorite is the humming breathing technique that helps me to deal with worry or endless self criticism in my head. Thank you Siew Yong, I hope many people can be blessed and liberated from pain by your workshops and classes.

~ Ruly Soewignjo (Indonesia)

The year I met my yoga teacher SY, I was at my lowest point of life, was not happy with my marriage and also not in good term with my mother, family matter was in a mass. I was crying everyday, felt very little of myself, and I was easily out of breath. I was very very depressed. But….somehow, I knew, I need to change to get out of my situation.

I started looking for classes that can give me an answer to what’s wrong with me. I had done some yoga classes before, but have never gone too far in practicing it. And, I also have read something about chakra, the energy in our body. So…..I thought maybe I can start working on my body, working on my inner energy – the chakras.

I saw one of SY’s class postings, listed teaching yoga and working on chakras. I registered and I went to class.  In my first class with her, I couldn’t even finished one round of Sun Salutation, I was out of breath, feeling the dizziness and panting in doing any of the yoga movement. But, she was a good teacher, she knew my body was a wreck and mind was a mess, patiently she coached me and customized some simple easy yoga movement for my body to work on, and taught me the breathing technique and meditation for my mind to calm down.

It has been 2 years since I started the class with her, and in between I have enjoyed many of her other classes, not just yoga movements, classes on seeking your inner self , and how to awaken your inner self, different meditation methods, etc. I have improved quite a lot physically and mentally. And, also started my path on spiritual finding. I am very grateful to SY and appreciate her very much in guiding me patiently on the right path.

Thank you very much, my teacher SY!!

~ Anita Chow (Taiwan)

“I stumbled upon Siew Yong’s yoga classes by chance and immediately took a liking to her holistic style of teaching. When I found out I was expecting my second child, I engaged her for some pre natal sessions to better prepare myself physically and mentally for the arrival of my little one.

She brought me through a series of yoga practices tailored to suit my different needs of pregnancy. Aside from that, several techniques were introduced to help calm myself down and to get in touch with the beauty of pregnancy. This was indeed helpful as my first pregnancy felt hurried; I was busy working all the time and I felt I had missed the essence of carrying a baby in my womb. Siew Yong’s sessions helped to remind me about the gift of nurturing a life inside me.

I was definitely in a much better state this time around (physically and mentally) and managed a delivery naturally. I’m really grateful to have been under the guidance of Siew Yong. Pregnancy and birthing has been fulfilling on many levels this time around.”

~ Geraldine Gee (Singapore)

“After attending the Yoga module with Ma Durga, I was able to sleep better. Deep sleep and I feel really fresh every morning not like before I always have ‘hangover’ from sleep.”

~Joey See (Singapore)

“I like yoga, I do enjoyed every sessions I had especially the last few sessions when the stretching getting more and more intensive. I felt more relaxed.”

~ Taryn (Singapore)

“Physically, yoga has helped me to release my pain at the tail-bone. I could not sit long and have to stand up after a few minutes of sitting. The pain is long gone away after taking the yoga since last year with Ma Durga. Mentally, yoga is a ‘re-set’ button for me. It is refreshing after the yoga session as my thoughts and emotion becomes ‘zerorised’ . I need the yoga session every week so as to continue to love myself.”

~ Yen

“I didn’t attend the full 7 lessons (missed 2 lessons due to sickness and children also fell sick) but I do feel very refreshed and had peaceful mind after the lesson. And my body seems to be more flexible (of course there are still rooms to improve) compare to last time. I like the breathing session a lot especially the last lesson, mind is so peaceful where I hardly had this kind of peacefulness before. Hope you can do it more often with us.”

~Yu Xuan (Singapore)

“I have missed one lesson from the last module. I like the stretching portion which I hardly get to do. Flexibility and balance are something that I find it hard for me. But will continue to achieve more from each session. I feel peaceful during the session.”

~ Irene Yeo (Singapore)

“Yoga is a form of tension release for me. The stretching session releases physical tension in the joints while the breathing session releases pent-up mental tension. I feel more energized after taking up yoga. I especially enjoy the theory sessions as they lead me into deep meaningful thoughts on how to improve my life emotionally.”

~ Vivienne

“Before I started yoga with Ma Durga, I was frustrated with my inner chatter. Yoga with her has helped with my mindfulness practice. I’m more aware of my thoughts and emotions. Trying to live in the present moment and be mindful of my emotions. Thank you.”

~ Rani (Singapore)

“I got to know Ma Durga (Siew Yong) from her YouTube videos. Being a (breast) cancer patient myself, I was truly inspired by her very first video where she shared her own recovery experience. After meeting her personally, I was further inspired to take the quantum leap in my life for the better. Attending private sessions with her served as a good platform to make the essential changes in my life. Her yoga sessions are excellently conducted with clarity and depth. I saw remarkable progress in me both physically and mentally after attending her private sessions. Her confidence in me has boosted my confidence in myself. Thanks Ma Durga.”

~ Shree (Singapore)

“I never thought of a human being could be divine. It was just intriguing to know. Before we started any movement, we were asked how we feel at our inner space. I spontaneously felt a flower blossomed at the centre of my body and a bird was chirping in tranquility. The whole space inside me was peaceful and abundant. At the end of the session, we were asked to draw our own mandala, expressing how we felt again. I felt energy was radiating from the centre of my body in darkness and there was more energy fuelling beneath me. It seemed that I have unlocked my energy centre!”

~ Jane Lee (Hong Kong)

“A fabulous spiritual experience from Ma Durga’s workshop, ‘Experience Your Divinity’. It was a spiritual journey for me as I have never experienced yoga in this way. I felt that I was able to be more spontaneous in expressing my creativity after the workshop. The workshop gave me the click that whether it is drawing, dancing, it is so enjoyable and effortless as long as you want to express it. I love the casual way in self-discovery of my creativity, possibilities and my true Self from the heart.”

~ Molly Yu (Hong Kong)

“This was my first time attending the workshop – Experience your Divinity, which was conducted by Ma Nithya Durgananda. It opened up the secret part of my being – the mother’s unconditional love that I never thought it was possible for me. Such a compassionate energy flowed inside my system which connected my whole body and mind. Firstly, I felt my left physical body opened up by the flow of the energy. I rarely used my left side body actually and during the session, I suddenly remembered my left side body and connected with it again. Secondly, I felt my feminine energy opened up when I was doing moon salutation and preparation. At first, I was thinking when the yoga part would finish as I felt pain during the muscle stretch. But in the last round moon salutation, I became aware that I always had no patience in the process and chasing everything to be end ASAP, so I could not enjoy the process. Therefore, I shifted my idea by aligning my awareness in the movements and suddenly the overall feeling was totally different. After the session, I totally forgot the first 5 round salutations I did but only the last round because I did it in deep awareness, I experienced the feminine energy opened up in my system and this experience became a part of me that it shall never be forgotten. This was a breakthrough for me as I realised that I always work very hard but only in a logical way. I did not know how to radiate the feminine energy although I am in a female body. I was working like a man, using the logic to satisfy everything in perfection but ignoring all the possibilities in manifestation. I am so surprised so much happened in just in 2.5 hours workshop.

~ Camus Ip (Hong Kong)

“很開心今天有機會參加Ma Durga的Workshop – Experience Your Divinity

~ Keven Chook (Malaysia)

“Today, I had a wonderful and insightful session with Ma Durga. It raised my self-awareness and I could see my cognitive breakthrough within the 2.5-hour workshop called Experience Your Divinity. At first, we were asked to draw our inner feeling at that moment. After finished it, I just felt my drawing was missing something, maybe missing certain colours. After several creative activities, we asked to draw a mandala before the end of the session. After having awakened the feminine divinity inside me, I could express different art forms freely and easily. I could dance spontaneously with grace and bliss. Even more, I could fully express myself through drawing the mandala. I drew from my heart and didn’t limit myself with the art knowledge I learned. This experience helped me to find out my self-imposed drawing rules. I had a cognition that I need to draw a picture with a colour tone to a more presentable work. This session broke my self-imposed boundary and allowed me to express freely. Gratitude to Ma Durga for giving such an extraordinary experience to me by connecting my feminine divinity, thank you.”

~ Crystal Chan (Hong Kong)

“Wonderful!! Thank you so much Ma Durga! I feel each time was such a resurgence of energy and motivation! Thank you so much for your clarity and guidance. Every step was really so very helpful.” – Be Your Own Boss Coaching

~ Monica (USA)

“I really learnt so much here in just 3 sessions of ‘Be Your Own Boss’ Coaching. I always have many ideas but I don’t know how to make it happen. Sometimes I share with others for some more inspiration but people’s feedback is mainly negative and lack of creativity. I am tired to discuss with such people and always seek a way to do what I want to do. Ma Durga inspires me a lot especially the sessions she provided here. I really understand what I should and how I go through this process.”

~ Camus Ip (Singapore)

“Through this ‘Be Your Own Boss’ coaching, I realized to be own boss needs:
1) confidence with myself in terms of being who I am and what I am offering to the world.
2) highly integrated and authentic within self with will persistence.
3) with the mentality to always be ready and willing to enrich the world with one’s knowledge and experiences.
It is really a powerful journey and takes all my energy and strength and courage to embark on.”

~ Florence Toh (Singapore)

“You may be interested in to find out who you were in the past lives.

The truth is you can access into this secret memory which is stored at your being level. Many people would take this time-traveling out of curiosity but finally they got frightened by what they saw. Some people carry the fragments of that memory to this birth.

Camus is the one of those who belongs to second type of people. At the very beginning, she decided to ignore it as nothing she could do for the past. She focused to move on rather than looking back the history of her soul resides in this body. However, more memories were opened up itself, just like the rubbish overflowing from the broken trash bin. The bad smell from the past memories alarmed her that it was time to clean up.

In the past four years, she had worked a lot in cleaning up most of her inner space and experienced the benefits on the path of spiritual transformation. In April this year, she first did Yoga Nidra conducted by Ma Nithya Durgananda. She got different experience from what she did with those Yoga Nidra videos on YouTube. Her physical condition was recovered in 45 minutes, the experience was almost like having eight hours of deep sleep.
Just when she thought it was the power of Yoga Nidra, Ma Durga took her to experience deeper through her recorded instructions with the background music composed by Ma Keven Chook. Besides a quick recovery on her physical body, the emotional releasing was also effective. Many suppressed tension and stress inside the back was released through Yoga Nidra.

Few days ago, she did Yoga Nidra with the audio recording of Ma Durga and Ma Chook, her body suddenly shifted its posture itself. She was shocked that she could not control her body and sensed that she was lying inside a coffin. She could sense the darkness and fear which was created in the past life when she was in this situation. She was still in awareness that hearing Ma Durga’s voice but her being was not there but IN THE PAST!

After that Yoga Nidra, she shared her experience with Ma Durga. Ma Durga told that Yoga Nidra could help to open the past lives’ memory, so suggested her to witness that experience and release all fear from her system consciously. Camus did the Yoga Nidra practice again with the intention to complete the fear created at that death moment in the past. She realized what was happening at that life and why she was lying in the coffin. Her fear started when she could not breathe easily. The whole body was stiff and the breathing stopped. She witnessed the whole experience, then she reminded herself to let go that fear. Her body became relaxed and it began to breathe again. Then she visualized that old body in the coffin was dissolved by worms which were coming out everywhere from inside of her body. The scene was not easy to digest but she reminded herself that was the process to release the fear and tension created at that moment. By just a few seconds, the scene was gone and she fell into deep sleep until the end of Yoga Nidra.

She thought it was the end but it was just started!

She had another three vivid dreams on the same night afterwards. She could remember every detail in those 3 dreams, even the conversation between the people who appeared in the dreams. She dreamt and woke up after around 2.5 hours, and she noticed that were not the usual dreams. With Ma Durga’s comments, Camus knew all these ‘dreams’ were memory, a part of my being, so I looked deep to see what was happening inside

When Camus sat with herself, she realized how these three dreams expressing her blind spot. She carried a certain wrong idea about compassion. She always expressed love and compassion to empower others’ powerlessness, which made her being felt sorrow and hopeless in humanity. She missed the context to encourage people to stand up for themselves and celebrate the process they were moving on. It was a vicious circle that she always experienced powerlessness when she gave her helping hands to others.

When she understood how her mind played tricks on her, she shifted her space to express love and compassion from the right space of powerfulness. The first instant effect on her was she could go back to sleep in restful way, then she had less judgments or violence on people and life. She realized how to create and hold the space for herself and others with Will Persistence, rather than chasing for the results with anxiety and irritation.

She shared all these profound experiences with Ma Durga and she decided to write this article to introduce how powerful the science of Yoga Nidra can be!”

~ Camus Ip (Hong Kong)

“Siew Yong (Ma Durga) is a very patient teacher, she takes her time to explain every posture in great details. The Parents Kids Home Yoga cards gave us a good understanding of the postures and helped us guide our children easily in yoga session at home.”

~ ManTing (Singapore)

“The Parents Kids Home Yoga workshop made me understand more about each posture especially with the stories behind it. The pictures make it easier for me and my son to do the yoga. We have fun time when we practiced it. Thank you for the course.”

~ Gladys (Singapore)

“The Parents Kids Home Yoga workshop was well-designed with good flow of information and helpful visual aids. Introduction to the various yogic spaces, followed by the colourful pictures and interesting stories helped me to understand yoga in a bigger picture. With a deeper understanding and help from the visual cards and stories, it is easier for me to share with my child the various poses and their benefits. Variations taught in the course are also very helpful as I am able to adjust the difficulty level of each pose to maintain his interest. A fruitful course. Thank you.”

~ Vivienne (Singapore)

“The Parents Kids Home Yoga course served as a good guide for me to start home yoga with my children. The stories behind the poses and the colourful cards help in engaging the children and getting them to attempt the poses. It’s a good way to bond with them too. Thank you, Siew Yong (Ma Durga) for coming up with this programme.

~ Rani (Singapore)

“I have never thought of the bloatedness of my stomach was rooted from the stress and my worries about my son. During one of the sessions with Ma Durga, she put me through a completion process which helped to relieve the pain I have been suffered for years. I felt much more lighter and happier right after the completion process.  Along with this completion process, the Nithya Kriya helped to reduce the level of bloated feeling significantly. Thank you ma Durga for her guidance”

~ Vivien Lam (Hong Kong)

“After attended 4 Private sessions with Ma Durga, I have gotten into a good space with myself- whereby feelings of insecurity about life and relationships are resolved. Because of this expansion, I realized the potential growth in myself and in turn the ability to make a positive difference to others around me. I certainly recommend those who have similar issues to seek help for themselves and eliminate these incompletion in them completely.

~ Lisar Chin (Singapore)

“I went in knowing I had to learning more about myself and how it impacted my business. I went to hospital because I was overwhelmed with the growth of my business… I knew I had to make a shift or else end up working for someone again!!!
Be Your Own Boss coaching has done exactly that and more!!!!! I had the most intense experiences, shifts…. blessings one could experience . I no longer fear the unknown, I know I have self worth, I trust in Cosmos, universe so much more…. I value the components of Be Your Own Boss as they have given my business more depth. The spiritual component is on the button! Thank you Ma Nithya Durgananda, you touched my life in such a big way!!! I’m grateful for what you provide for people like me. Eternally grateful to have had you be part of my journey, my life. Love always ma💖🌺 Thank you Swamiji🙏💖 This has changed my life.”

~ Sarah Galvin (New Zealand)

“I have suffered from time to time with insomnia. I didn’t know what the problem was.
I thought well it maybe due to my wrong diet or just stress. So I wanted to learn the cause of my sleep disorder. Through YouTube, I met Ma Nithya Durgananda and her website Your Presence Heals. I was curious and asked if she could help me. After a few emails, she made a customised program for me. The sessions were great. I learned that there are more things than stress and eating that can cause sleep problems. For instance desires, guilt and pain. It was a big eye opener for me. The private sessions helped me a lot and the good thing is that it not only healed my sleep pattern, but it also improved my very quality of life.”

~ Rewien J (Holland)  

“I am now off my blood pressure tablets for good ever since I started doing the yoga-kriya you taught me. I was diagnosed hypertensive with a diastolic blood pressure of 180 and with chronic kidney disease. After 21 days of practice, my bp started going down and upon consultation with the doctor, the tablet dose was reduced from 10 mg to 5 mg. However, after a week, I stopped taking the tablet altogether as the doctor suggested to quit them if the pressure went down. Moreover, the level of urine protein leak was also reduced from around 700 mg to 400 mg. Ma Durga then gave me another new set of yoga which aimed to ease my breathing pattern as I mentioned I had to put efforts to breathe and the new kriya routine for emtional stability. The effect of the kriya was quite immediate and I felt so much blissful without any reason after the kriya which also impacted my breathing pattern for good. Ma, I am very grateful to you for coming into my life at such a powerless moment of my life and I felt Swamiji’s grace finally fell upon me. I felt protected by your third eye healing sessions as there were days I could not practice any yoga and kriya and went through a lot of physical and mental stress while I took rounds to visit the hostpital to take care of my ailing brother for a month, as evident from no change in my blood reports when I expected my condition to worsen. Thank you so much for being my first healer and being my door to the Nithyananda Sangha. Love you Ma, Nithyanandam.”

~ Pushpa Philem (India)

“When the only example you’ve experienced for making a living & earning income is the commercial corporate paradigm, yet you’ve reached a stage of your life when your inspiration is spiritual and Swamiji is calling, nay, insisting you be your own boss – how to take the next step? I was stuck with knowing my previously acquired technical-based skills were sure-win highly paid but how to navigate myself out of my understanding of marketing, chasing money $s and clients, and the relentless pressures of the commercial world? How to transition to my inspiration without losing value? Ma Durga’s Be Your Own Boss coaching provided me with stepping stones – to understand a different possibility of operating. To understand how such classics as marketing and business planning differ when done for spiritual entrepreneurship. Directly relating business practice to Swamiji’s teachings, and drawing our authentic business self to the fore. Cheers, thank you ma Durga!”

~ Barbara Hock (New Zealand)