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My new life playing with Shaktis

Posted on by Ma Durga

Life hasn’t been the same for me ever since I returned from India on 11th January after a 25-day spiritual retreat called Mahasadashivoham which was conducted by a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). Swamiji initiated the participants … Continue reading

Revival of Authentic Yoga: Nithyananda Yoga

Posted on by Ma Durga

Are you confused by the plethora of types of Yoga out there? How can you tell which is the authentic Yoga? It was my sincere seeking which had led me to discover the Source of Yoga and for the first … Continue reading

Science of Third Eye Awakening

Posted on by Ma Durga

I just got back yesterday from a whirlwind trip in Varanasi, the ancient powerful energy field of many enlightened masters, to attend a 7-day Shivoham Inner Awakening program in the presence of an enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as … Continue reading