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Power to download using Third Eye

Posted on by Ma Durga

Do you know that you can download anything using an awakened third eye initiated by an enlightened Guru? See, the Third Eye is a natural superpower available to every human being. Beyond the two eyes, we have a third possibility, … Continue reading

Power of consciousness over matter

Posted on by Ma Durga

Do you know that you can move or bend an object just by your consciousness? When we don’t understand the science behind it, we think it is a miracle or magic. Actually, in Vedic tradition, the power (Shakti) of consciousness … Continue reading

Aligning to the Source of Yoga

Posted on by Ma Durga

On Tuesday, 21st June happened to be the International Day of Yoga, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), a living Yogi and an enlightened master, gave three important revelations about the Source of Yoga that the world should know. First, … Continue reading