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Joy of living with a divine child

Posted on by Teo Siew Yong

“Children are forms of God living with us. They trusted you and chose you for their journey. Keep them like flowers“ ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda I always knew that my son was a divine child because the very first day when … Continue reading

Manifesting in Oneness

Posted on by Teo Siew Yong

How is it like to manifest a new reality in Oneness with your teamily? See, for the last 7 years, I have been managing my business by my own which gave me the tremendous confidence and freedom to do what … Continue reading

Encourage every possibility with love and respect

Posted on by Teo Siew Yong

Do you see possibility or impossibility in life? How often do you shut down a possibility in your life? Do you keep every possibility available for your child? The more I work with children, the more I truly embrace the … Continue reading