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Teach children to relate with animal species

Posted on by Ma Durga

How do you teach your child to feel comfortable with animals as part of mother nature? Yesterday, I had the fortune of conducting a special online Gurukul class with a group children and parents from different countries like Singapore, Europe … Continue reading

Life has no failures only lessons

Posted on by Ma Durga

              I wrapped up the year of 2018 feeling so relieved and grateful for having completed a year of tumultuous ride and drastic change in many aspects of my life. There were certain things … Continue reading

Get out of Apasmara – Forgetfulness

Posted on by Ma Durga

If you were to distil all the suffering of humanity to one key reason, do you know what would it be? I’ve discovered that it is the problem of forgetfulness (Apasmara in Sanskrit). When I first heard this word in … Continue reading