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Authenticity: The key to take humanity to the next level

Posted on by Ma Durga

This month I’ve just started sharing the spiritual truth of authenticity with the children of Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul program which I teach every Sunday from 2-4.30 pm. I am beginning to see the power of this tattva (spiritual truth) when … Continue reading

Transcend the Patterns of Possessiveness & Jealousy

Posted on by Ma Durga

Recently I’ve been working with a female client on her possessiveness and jealousy patterns for 2 months. She is a very attractive, bubbly young lady with a beautiful heart. She came to me after attending one Friday yoga class with … Continue reading

Life is for enriching and expansion

Posted on by Ma Durga

I am finally launching my first book called “Adventures in Manifesting” in end November! The “Adventures in Manifesting” is a compilation of bestselling book series where entrepreneurs of all kinds share their inspirational and transformational stories alongside industry leaders of … Continue reading