FAQ with Siew Yong

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: It was about 7 years ago that everything seemed to come together for me. I’ve seen many cases where my students have been helped by this knowledge and practice. As I continue to expand my awareness and knowledge, the deeper insights of body intelligence and truths unfold within me.

Q: How are you different from others?

A:  As a teacher/guide/healer, I create a relaxed, loving and nurturing space for my clients/students to become aware in exploring inwards through self discovery and connect them with their own body intelligence and wisdom.  I engage myself and others non-judgmentally, giving my full presence when I work with the physical, psychological and emotional thresholds of each client/student.  But I also help them to cultivate their inner reference system experientially through sensing and feeling so that they eventually become independent, self-reliant and confident. Fundamentally, I connect them back to their essence, the Source. One important thing which guides me is the ability to trust my intuition and BEING HONEST with my limitations and boundaries. If I feel that certain clients’ cases are beyond my scope or knowledge, I will direct or channel them to other experts or sources who may be of help to them.

Q: What’s Body-Intelligence & what does it include?

A: Body Intelligence is simply recognizing our human body has a separate independent intelligence and we just have to ensure the mind does not interfere with its existence. It includes correct knowledge about our body-mind system and techniques for aligning the body and infusing silence into our body-mind system and awakening one’s consciousness which is its higher innate intelligence.  The awakening is a process of letting go of the wrong conditioning or mental patterns.

Q: Who are your clients exactly?

A: Mostly women age between 30’s to 60’s, who are facing issues such as physical health, emotional balance, mental well-being and spiritual awakening.  She is aware of her problems and is ready to seek understanding and ways to improve her life.

Q: What type of personality do you work best with?

A: I work best with people who take responsibility of their own life and who are willing to go beyond the trappings of societal conditioning. They have a good level of self awareness and are receptive to changes for their own evolution.

Q: What is expected of me as a client?

A: As a client, I would like you to be sincere, open-minded and disciplined enough to follow a self-practice routine and processes while working with me.  Come with a beginner’s attitude that is curious and open to absorb and imbibe the truth about life.

Q: So does your program really work?

A: Absolutely for 3 reasons! One, the human body is the embodiment of Existence; we already have the answers to our problems.  Second, the knowledge is based on ancient wisdom from pure consciousness that has worked for men who had left, men in the present time and men yet to come. Third, I’ve experimented with my own body as well as working with my students to know it worked.  The key factor is people’s willingness to explore and drop whatever patterns that do not facilitate their return to wholeness.