Dear Friends & Fellow Travellers:

Adventures in Manifesting Author2013 marks a significant milestone for me personally as I celebrate a couple of “firsts” in my life.

For the first time in my life, I hereby launch my first book as one of the 33 contributing authors of the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series. Adventures in Manifesting is a compilation book series where entrepreneurs of all kinds share their inspirational and transformational stories alongside industry leaders of personal development, spiritual awareness, creative visualisation and metaphysical studies. Since its inception in April 2011, it has grown leaps and bound to be a bestseller changing the lives of both readers and authors with over 47,000 copies in print and in over 21 countries. In 2013, the 2 titles are – “Soulful Relationships” & “Conscious Business”. My chapter title in “Conscious Business” is “Completion opens up the space of creation”.

Adventures in Manifesting SeriesThe second “first” is that in this chapter, I share my personal alchemy process which I underwent to become a living teacher today. Those who are stuck in an unfulfilled life and hoping to have a major breakthrough in one’s life, will be able to resonate with my chapter. It will give you inspiration and courage to follow your heart.

As a reader or a fan of Your Presence Heals, you have an opportunity to buy the copies of the book before they’re even officially released to the public. I am offering a pre-Christmas order starting now till 28 Nov.

Share a gift of inspirations and enrich your family and friends with an Adventures In Manifesting book. Buy your copy @U$25 today. For purchase of 5 copies or more at a special discount of U$18 per copy. This price excludes the shipping and handling charges for online orders outside of Singapore, which will be calculated separately and reflected on the Paypal invoice.

To complete the purchase, just pay online and the book will be sent out within 5 working days upon payment.

Adventures in Manifesting - Conscious Business

1 Purchase a copy of “Adventures in Manifesting – Conscious Business” @ $US25*.

5 copies of “Adventures in Manifesting – Conscious Business” @ US$18 each*.

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* Price excludes $10 shipping and handling fee. For customers in Singapore only. If you are outside of Singapore and wish to purchase the book, please contact me with your order and include a shipping address.

Finally, I would like to offer my deep gratitude to my master – Paramahamsa Nithyananda, my husband – Victor Lim, my son – Kai Jin, many teachers and friends who had made this possible in my life and their continuous trust in me and support. I thank you all with my love and respect.

Life is about continuous expansion, ideas of the next book has already been shown to me and I am already working on it. Stay tuned for more updates in 2014. ☺