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All spiritual beings who worked on the inner science agreed on one statement – we are bliss, Ananda. We are, by nature, the wholeness, the fulfilment. However, this state can only be experienced when we infuse silence into our inner space. Our modern living and conditioning constantly make us forget that there is such a thing as inner space, hence the possibility for experiencing silence is also forgotten. Unless we experience this wholeness within, we will not be able to relax or feel complete. All sufferings in life are reminders from our higher Self or Eternal Spirit that we are not yet complete and we must continue to work on transforming our self.

You may be aware that in the Universe, there are 5 elements called Pancha Bhutas i.e. earth, water, fire, air & ether. The same 5 elements are also present within our human body. The Earth element is represented by the flesh & bones. The Water element relates to constant movement of blood and fluid. The Fire element relates to conversion of food to energy. The Air (Vayu) relates to inner chatters and life force, Prana. Finally, the Ether (space) relates to the mind, is the most subtle of all 5 elements. Ether pervades the universe, inner and outer worlds. The mind is the super conscious strata holding all that exists and all potentially exist, wherein all happenings are recorded. It is through the psychic entry into this transcendental space that cosmic knowledge is gathered and the entire circle of time (kala) – past, present & future – can be known. Another important thing to note is the Ether element is where our visualization happens and the Buddhi (intelligence) is expressed. It is also in the Ether element where consciousness can be reflected, not in the lower 4 elements.

That’s why in the Vedic tradition, there is so much emphasis on transforming one’s inner space. There are 3 spaces (kashas) that we should understand clearly:

  1. Gatta kasha: the space which is covered by our body
  2. Chitta kasha – the space which we are aware or conscious of. It could be a room, a house, a city etc whatever our mind can be aware of.
  3. Maha Kasha – The Cosmic space, the bountiful space, Cosmos or the sky.

Do you know that the pain and suffering that we experience is mainly due to the different spaces we identify with? By understanding these 3 spaces, we can heal our body-mind.

For instance, for people who are driven by sense pleasures in life, they will start associating the inner space smaller than their body; they would feel that they are bound by the skin and body, a feeling suffocation since constantly they have to work for physical pleasures. They start experiencing constant pain if the Chitta kasha (inner space) is smaller than the Gatta kasha (body).

However, if a person thinks that his inner space (Chitta Kasha) is the same as the body (Gatta kasha). He experiences a sense of well being, he will only be happy with desires that are related to mental space (like money, rewards, attention, name & fame). He is called a Bhogi who lives a materialistic life.

When we work on expansion towards the Maha Kasha (Cosmic space), we experience bliss and ecstasy because no sense objects in the outer world can cause any pain or suffering to us. We become a yogi.

To begin this process of expansion, we first need to work on the outer space (Gatta Kasha), so that we begin to create the same outer space into the inner space (Chitta Kasha).

If you are interested in creating your own sacred spaces, here is a 7-step process:-

  1. Create a physical sacred space. The space we live in affects our consciousness espcially if one moves into a new home. In your house, create a yoga room or prayer room where you can do your regular spiritual practice. Keep this space neat, clean and energized continuously with positive vibrations. Infuse positive energy by purifying  this space daily with yoga, meditation, sacred mantras and puja (offering).
  2. Build a beautiful temple. This body is a temple for our Soul. Create a yogic body with a strong nervous system through proper sattvic diet, daily practice of yoga, pranayama and kriya.
  3. Infuse Truths & Align Your Life. Feed your Chitta Kasha with eternal truths and start living the truths by aligning your thoughts, words and actions.
  4. Add Meditation (Dhyana). Meditate daily to bring self awareness and remove the clutches in the inner space so that you begin to create an empty space where God can reside in it. Whenever meditation is added to the Chitta kasha, it helps us in expansion to Maha Kasha.
  5. Add friendliness into relationships. This is a technique to expand from Gatta Kasha to Chitta Kasha then to Maha kasha. By adding friendliness, it makes us forget about our physical boundary. Whenever friendliness happens, the Gatta Kasha expands into the Chitta Kasha.  If we apply the same friendly energy to every being and see everything as divine, we experience the Maha-kasha.
  6. Gaze into the Open Sky. This is a powerful technique by Shiva, the first enlightened master on planet earth.  To heal our pain by looking at the vast empty sky (beyond the clouds or the stars). Suddenly for a moment, the thought shaft is disconnected, then close the eyes and visualise the same vast sky in our inner space. We will experience instant healing because we will realize our so-called problem is so insignificant as compared to the vast Cosmos.
  7. Worship a form that represents the formless. Without a body-mind preparation, the human mind is not able to visualize the formless – the Cosmic space initially. That’s why masters or rishis develop the technique of worship and rituals using a form such as a deity, a symbol of Existence or Guru’s image so that we can relate with a particular divine form in the Chitta kasha. The intent is to gradually grow from worshipping a form to the formless, the Cosmic space.

May you experience the highest coherence – Maha kasha!



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