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How to ground your child?

Posted on by Ma Durga

Last evening, I gave an enlightened parenting talk on the topic of grounding children of this era from spiritual knowledge of Vedic tradition. There were about 23 parents and 19 teachers who attended this sharing, many of them received so … Continue reading

Swimming in madness

Posted on by Ma Durga

Have you ever felt at some periods in your life that you are literally swimming in madness? For the last 2 years after I returned from the 25-day spiritual retreat called Mahasadashivoham 2017 in India, there were many moments I … Continue reading

Renounce ignorance, not the world

Posted on by Ma Durga

Once a sincere seeker asked an enlightened master, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam: “Dear master, is it necessary to renounce the world to realize the self?” Bhagawan replied: “To realize the self, there is only one thing you must be willing … Continue reading