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A new life as Nithyananda Yogi

Posted on by Ma Durga

I am a Nithyananda Yogi, living amidst all of you. By the grace of a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, he bestowed the space of completion and awakened the powers (Shaktis) through initiation (deeksha) in me. All Shaktis manifest from a … Continue reading

You are already WHOLE

Posted on by Ma Durga

Do you know that you are a part of the Universe? Are you aware that your Soul comes from the Source – the Super Consciousness (also known as Sadashiva in Sanskrit)? I was born in a Taoist family where deities worshop … Continue reading

What kind of responses do you strengthen?

Posted on by Ma Durga

Are you aware that your mental patterns actually create certain mental grooves in your brain? According to neurophysiologists, samskaras or deep-rooted mental patterns create grooves in our brain, just like rivulets in sand, which makes the water run in certain … Continue reading