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Living action in utter insecurity is living enlightenment

Posted on by Ma Durga

Do you constantly seek security in life? In the Maslow Hierarchy of needs, we are taught that beyond basic survival needs like food, water and shelter, the next level of needs we seek is that of security. As such we … Continue reading

Acid wash your beliefs with spiritual cognition

Posted on by Ma Durga

All my life I carried certain cognitions about life which were either inserted into me by societal conditioning or by my own limited understanding out of fear, greed or incompletions from the past. I was so integrated with these limited … Continue reading

Unclutched action makes you a high performer

Posted on by Ma Durga

Do you know that you can be a high performer without stress and worries? Let me share with you a powerful truth I learned about actions and performance from my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) which I was … Continue reading