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A new species in the making

Posted on by Ma Durga

Two weeks ago, I was away in India, Bengaluru adheenam (monastery) with my son to attend a 10-day meditation workshop called ‘Nithyanandam for NewGen’, a program designed for children and youth age 8-21 years old to awaken their higher possibilities … Continue reading

Create a sacred playground for your child

Posted on by Ma Durga

This year, I have begun yet another new expansion called Parents-Kids-Home Yoga. The genesis of this project came about when I decided to commission a very talented friend of mine from Hong Kong to draw a set of Beginners series … Continue reading

Science of Making Decisions

Posted on by Ma Durga

How do you make decisions in your life? Do you make decisions based on past experiences or patterns? Or you make decisions from the moral values from society? Do you know what it means to make decision from Consciousness? Life is … Continue reading