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Sacred Secrets of becoming a High Achiever

Posted on by Ma Durga

Life is about continuous expansion. If we are not moving towards expansion, it means we are contracting in life, moving towards death. One of the basic important qualities for living an expanded life is to be a high achiever in … Continue reading

Listen To Your Teenage Child

Posted on by Ma Durga

Last Saturday, I attended a very enlightening and enriching parenting workshop called “Space of a Child” conducted by Ma Rishi Advait who is the Head of Enlightened Education in Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta, a Vedic school in Bangalore, India. The topic was … Continue reading

Life is a Great Mystery

Posted on by Ma Durga

You may realize by now that life is a great mystery. Some people are still struggling to figure it out, some are totally lost in their lives while some are already being swallowed by the pain and suffering in life. … Continue reading