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Yoga is about Adding Life to Your Movements

Posted on by Ma Durga

If you were to ask someone – what is Yoga? Immediately, the typical answer would be ‘Yoga is a physical form of exercise called asanas (postures) used to promote strength, flexibility and balance in the body’. In the modern society … Continue reading

Be Complete with Your Relationships

Posted on by Ma Durga

Last year, one of my male students shared with me that his friend’s wife after getting into the path of yoga, left her husband and 2 kids to live with a spiritual community. The reason was she felt that the … Continue reading

Let’s Create A New Health Consciousness

Posted on by Ma Durga

On Wednesday, May 1st was Labour Day, I went to volunteer at the Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged Sick as a part of seva (service) of Life Bliss Foundation Singapore.  All the old folks were on wheelchairs as … Continue reading