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Relationship itself is a Sadhana

Posted on by Ma Durga

Are you keen to improve your relationship with your partner? Do you get disturbed emotionally with relationship issues? According to Vedic tradition, there are 2 distinct paths to travel in life – one is the path of renunciation, the other … Continue reading

Consciousness is Beyond Gender and Sexuality

Posted on by Ma Durga

Is one’s gender or sexual orientation an important factor for experiencing the cosmic consciousness or enlightenment? This is a long-standing burning question in my mind especially I’ve seen so many gay or lesbian friends on the path of seeking. We … Continue reading

Being Eternally Youthful is a Conscious Choice

Posted on by Ma Durga

You may have seen some wise old folks still exuding an enormous youthfulness whereas a self-indulgent teenager looking like an aged man.  Do you know that youth is actually related to your Being and not your body? In our society, … Continue reading