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Science of Breathing (part iv): Breath is Your Gateway to Inner World

Posted on by Ma Durga

  There is an expression from Bihar School of Yoga:- Beyond the physical body exists energy, beyond energy exists the mind, beyond the mind exists consciousness, beyond consciousness exists Superconsciousness. Even the Bible implies that man was given consciousness and … Continue reading

Science of Breathing (part ii) – Physiology of Breathing

Posted on by Ma Durga

Do you know that breathing is the only physiological function which is both voluntary and involuntary? This means that breathing can be controlled consciously by the mind or it can be allowed to function automatically like other physiological processes like … Continue reading

Science of Breathing (part i) – Breath is Life

Posted on by Ma Durga

Breathing is synonymous with life itself – this is the first thing we do at birth and the last thing we do when we exit this body. Breathing is important to sustain life. Yet, this natural process is often compromised … Continue reading