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Do you experience conflicts in your life which make you feel powerless?
Do you feel suffocated, depressed and unfulfilled?
Are you spending time to create the right inner space within you?

Most people always think that life just happens to them. This is NOT true! Life gives us the freedom to choose either to be powerful or powerless. Every moment you are creating your chosen future. The inner space you entertain becomes your reality. Whatever you carry in your inner space is your life’s possibility.

It is YOUR decision to create the space which decides YOUR life.

Whether you know it or not, the truth is we are continuously manifesting whether consciously or unconsciously. All your sufferings, diseases, disorders and dissatisfactions are your unconscious manifestations. Men who continuously manifest unconsciously feel bound and unfulfilled, they not only disturb themselves but they also harass others.

Understanding the Golden Cosmic Womb

To be able to achieve what you want in both the inner and outer worlds, you need to understand that we carry a seed energy called Hiranya Garba (the cosmic womb) in which if an idea is planted and it can manifest. All of us have that cosmic womb within us. Any idea we put in the Hiranya Garba becomes a reality or possibility which directly adds to our life. The Universe is a huge “Thathaasthu!“(So be it!). So whatever you coin, you create, you organise, you arrange, becomes the reality! That is why we need to put a little intelligence, time and energy in creating the right space in us.

Sun Salutation

Right now, your inner space is filled with the photographic memories you hold on to from your dead past which prevents you from moving into the future of possibilities. All your negative thinking and fears are rooted in the past. Unless you become integrated in your cognition, your past continues to swallow your future. As human beings, we are programmed for only the right future we want to build, we are not given the power to correct the past. So, the more brooding over the past we do means the more suffering we inflict upon ourselves. We are empowered only to build the future which has no connection with the past. As long as we believe our past has the capacity to influence our future, we are living in delusion. We will remain powerless in life.

All the non fulfilment in your life are nothing but reminders to you that you need to be authentic to your purpose of birth and the purpose of happening. If you spend all your money, time and effort in purpose of happening and forget the purpose of birth itself, you will not experience health and fulfilment.

The moment you reach the cognition that you are responsible for your life and future, you start looking into the truth, you will look for a permanent solution. Your inner space will automatically have the intuition to solve the problems you create for yourself. You are ready to enter into Your Presence Heals.

Ma Nithya Durgananda
About Me

My name is Ma Nithya Durgananda (formerly known as Siew Yong), I am the founder of Your Presence Heals. Your Presence Heals ™ is a compassionate healing space which I create for sharing the Vedic wisdom, the sacred science of yoga and healing with individuals who are ready to look within and heal themselves from their patterns of suffering. My work involves enriching people through the power of our presence and body intelligence in self healing by combining the timeless sacred Vedic knowledge of Yogic physiology, Yogic psychology and science of Yoga.

I had the fortune of learning the sacred science of yoga from different teachers (both from the West and East); who had shaped my approach to human physiology and human psychology. I enrich the world through my weekly articles, yoga modules, workshops, talks as well as individual’s private sessions.

In private sessions, these are the 5 areas I cover:-

Step 1

Identify conflicting patterns of suffering

All diseases and disorders are related to certain mental patterns. Your present state is a result of your past choices and actions. A systematic exploration into family tree, health history, lifestyle, diet, stress level, exercise routines etc

Step 2

Add the right understanding

By applying the timeless wisdom of Vedic psychology and physiology, one gains better understanding of the mental state and conditions

Step 3


Design a tailored self practice for the identifed conditions so as to facilitate healing and self discovery. Everything will be done in a loving and nurturing environment to facilitate trust and opening of one’s inner world.

Step 4

Healing & Re-patterning

Break the wrong conflicting patterns through science of completion and Yogic techniques, hence restoring one’s integrity and authenticity. This part usually also includes spiritual counselling.

Step 5

Feedback and Review

This approach is a 2-way transformative process where both the guide and client work closely together.

To find out more about the private sessions, you can browse the tabs “Private Sessions”, “FAQ” and “Testimonials” on the top navigation bar. Alternatively, you can sign up into my weekly newsletter simply by filling up the form on the right hand panel. Make sure you complete the opt-in steps by clicking the link from your email and receive a free MP3 audio file of a relaxation technique as my gift to you.